L a b e l e f f e c t s

The embellishment effects for print production are what makes the appearance of any design unique. Various effects created using different technologies can make your product easily distinguishable and may effectively communicate the product’s qualities to the customer.

Rotoprint has a large diversity of technologies with different configurations. This way you can choose from a large number of effects for your labels and also combine several effects in one design.

Varnish effects

The effects achieved by adding varnish to the design are some of the most used and can give a unique feel to your labels. By using different types of varnishes, you can not only protect your label, but also emphasize individual parts of the design, add tactility and realism into the design.


Foil effects

Foil effects are used when creating labels, which should radiate a feeling of nobility and authenticity of the product on which they are adhered. The foil can be different colors, from precious gold, to sparkling silver, to non-standard colors and holograms. The ability to combine several metallic foils within one design allows you to create entire projects with nothing but metal foil printing.


Relief effects

The relief gives the labels a sense of realism and depth, due to the creation of the illusion of three-dimensionality and structure of the material. The relief allows the label to make the most of the shades created by the lighting on the shelf to emphasize certain design elements. Relief effects are also used to give a sense of authenticity, like a watermark or the feeling of classic coats of arms.


Ink effects

The special inks are less commonly used but they can provide many interesting and non-standard options for adding effects to your label. Effect inks usually have special colors, odors, or special effects, such as color changes depending on ambient light.


Protective effects

The protection against the environment conditions, such as acidity and grease, is crucial for some industries and can be achieved by complementing the design with special effects.


Security effects

Counterfeit protection is paramount for any brand. It can be achieved with a number of printing methods like special, hard-to-copy effects that can be added as a visible or invisible element to your design.


Non-standard effects

Rotoprint also offers its customers non-standard effects, which are achieved using our technologies, such as personalization or numbering via laser engraving, which burns the front layer of the material.

Multiple effects combinations

It is often possible for a label to have more than one effect, and some designers even create labels based entirely on effects. The combination of several effects is a complex process, but Rotoprint is a leader in such opportunities due to its different state-of-the-art technologies.

Effects for each application

The different applications for which labels are used suggest different effects. Sometimes designers are very creative, using effects that are standard for certain applications and applying them in their designs for other applications. This makes their products unique and easily distinguishable by the customer. However, it is always a good idea to consider the purpose of the labels when selecting the effects, especially if special storage conditions, usage or logistics are required for the product.


Unique effects for each industry

Every industry has set certain standards for the appearance of products and labels. Rotoprint enables designers to get rid of these restrictions by using a variety of effects and combining them in different ways to create truly unique labels that stand out from the competition.


Let us help you choose the right solution for your needs. Our team is always available and we are happy to discuss your next project and the specific requirements of its application.
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