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Rotoprint uses almost every type of market available printing technology. This way we can offer highly optimized and effective manufacturing of a great variety of end user products.

Each printing technology has its benefits and is suitable for specific applications, media, inks and end user products. We can use, arrange, and combine all of them. This way we can offer the best solution for your needs with optimal terms and conditions.

Whether you need a solution for a few or for many thousands, standard labels, and packaging or such for special applications, Rotoprint will be your partner through the whole process. We have centralized control of the prepress and print processes and the complete control of the color reproduction on the presses. This way our technologies are complementing each other, and you can benefit from the full extent of their potential.


The high-quality equipment is critical for every print provider. It defines the production capabilities and the limitations too. Rotoprint owns a variety of printing presses using different technologies and configurations. This allows us to effectively produce different kinds of products even with the most demanding design.

Our printing and finishing equipment is well treated and provided from leading providers of solutions for the graphic and printing industry.


  • Modern printing equipment
  • Different printing technologies
  • Different printing and finishing configurations
  • Highly automated and digitalized production process
  • Complete, integrated workflow


The software is a critical part of our services. Our goal is to digitalize, standardize and automate as many processes as possible in the production and for our customers.

We are constantly investing in and expanding our software products and systems with comprehensive production solutions, control systems, quality control systems and many others.

This way we have total control and information for the whole production cycle, and we can grant our customers online systems and information with 24/7 availability.


  • Digitalization of all the major processes
  • Integrated production and administrative system
  • Complete control through all the production steps
  • Integration with third party and customer systems
  • Including the customers in the process


The consumables as inks, printing media, papers and foils, printing plates and many others have a critical role for the quality and characteristics of the final product. Often the customers overlook them when selecting print providers and converters.

Depending on the industry there might be specific requirements for certifications which can be critical. They are usually available from the leading suppliers we are using. 


  • High quality consumables from leading manufacturers
  • All types of certifications
  • Initial and continuous quality control
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