L a b e l a p p l i c a t i o n

The labels are inseparable part of almost any production process and supply chain until the products reach the customer. They have countless applications on various stages of the process.

Amongst these applications are different types of packages and product containers, so that they can stand out from the competition and the customer can choose them over others in the store. Other applications are for transport, protection, or relaying information allowing the product to travel safely to its destination through the distribution channels.

Depending on the packaging material

The packaging material on which the label needs to adhere is critical for the selection of the proper paper, films, glues and silicones, which we will use for your labels. Based on the type of the packaging material we are using different adhesives and different application methods, combined with different silicone types. This way we can provide great adhesion for standard applications and for special conditions of storage and usage.

Depending on the label’s function

The labels have a number of applications in different industries and processes, and each industry and process has its own requirements, restrictions and parameters that must be met. Labels can range from simple media for technical information to real works of art worthy of exhibition. There are labels for standard applications, such as product labeling, and highly specific applications such as labels for metal rods, which come in for processing temperatures up to 450 degrees C. Rotoprint can be your partner for all types of labels, regardless of their complexity and application.

Depending on the environment

The environment in which your products are stored or used is in direct contact with the labels. Depending on the supply chain there may be a long period until the product reaches the consumer. The product may be stored and eventually used in environments with different parameters, prone to changes such as temperature, humidity, sunlight exposure, etc. 

Rotoprint’s extensive experience and range of materials and technologies allow us to offer label solutions that are resistant to a variety of environments, including adverse ones.

Rotoprint uses a wide range of materials, technologies and effects that can make labels durable and suitable for different applications and their specific requirements. 

Our team has many years of experience in creating labels for various applications and can advise you on the right choice at every stage of your process of creating your product.

Labels for any application

At Rotoprint we can produce a wide range of self-adhesive labels for your product. As a print supplier we have a large and modern print systems fleet, which can offer various printing technologies and finishing effects for your labels. You can take advantage of different types of label material such as plain paper, structured and luxury paper, film, metallized film. You can choose multilayer labels, thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels, labels with scratch-off elements, in-mold labels and white labels.

  • Paper labels
  • Labels on structured and luxury papers
  • Film labels
  • Multi-layer labels
  • Metalized film labels
  • Thermal transfer labels
  • Thermal direct labels
  • Labels with scratch off elements
  • In-mold labels
  • White labels

Various applications for all industries

At Rotoprint we work with different types of customers - companies, manufacturers in many industries of different products - from direct consumable end user products to corporate items. Each industry has its own characteristics, such as shelf life of the product, the conditions to which it is exposed, the shelf placement, the packaging material, product’s material and much more. 

Over the years, we have gained experience in creating labels for various industries. Therefore, we can proudly declare that for the following industries you can contact us and we will advise you on the best, fastest and highest quality way to create labels for your products.

  • Food industry
  • Soft drinks
  • Low- and medium-alcoholic beverages industry
  • Wine industry
  • Alcoholic beverages industry
  • Fermented beverages industry
  • Nutritional supplements industry
  • Naturopathy industry
  • Personal hygiene industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Veterinary and zoo products
  • Household chemicals
  • Automotive industry
  • Textile industry
  • Other industries
Let us help you choose the right solution for your needs. Our team is always available and we are happy to discuss your next project and the specific requirements of its application.

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