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Consumables such as papers, inks, foils, and printing plates play a key role in the final product’s quality. Variations enable designers to create unique products, and specific parameters allow you to have peace of mind about your product, regardless of the conditions of storage and usage. Rotoprint has a solution for almost every application and can advise you on the right combination of materials and printing technology.


Inks are critically significant for the final products’ quality. Various types of inks we use complemented by our ink mixing lab means that we can meet all your needs, whether you are using colors from proprietary systems such as Pantone or have a special spot color developed just for your product.

Our ink suppliers are leading companies in the printing industry that have well-established manufacturing and quality control processes for the entire supply chain.

Papers and films

Rotoprint has a very large range of papers and films in stock for all applications, products, and industries, which we can offer you in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and face finishes.

In addition, we have access to an incredible number of materials that we can order for specific orders and projects.

We only work with the best and established global and European suppliers of papers and foils, which allows us to open opportunities for designers to create products with visions without limits.

Printing plates

Printing plates are the elements that ensure the accurate transfer of your file onto the printing media for creating the product. The plate has a significant contribution to the final quality, the way the ink transfers, the minimum printable dot sizes and much more.

Offset printing plates

The offset printing plates we are using are Kodak's high-end offset thermal plates, which allow us to print with very high resolution, complex raster types and consistent results over time. 

Using plates from a leading manufacturer gives us the confidence to confidently approach any design that requires very precise color control and has a very low tolerance for variation.

Flexographic printing plates

We are using the world's leading technology for creating photopolymer clichés, Kodak NX, which has established itself as a quality standard in the industry. Special cliché specifications allow us to:

  • We print with very small print dots in flexographic printing

  • We are almost entirely avoiding the standard artifacts you may have seen with other printers that use flexography or they are hardly noticeable

  • We can achieve a quality comparable to gravure printing (rotogravure) of some designs, but with much lower preparation and production costs.

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