Rotoprint was created with the mission of returning the printing of labels for Bulgarian companies in Bulgaria and starting a segment of the printing industry that did not exist until that moment.

Today, this mission has been fulfilled and we are once again looking towards new horizons that will give us confidence and a long-term vision for development, so that our work will benefit our customers and the Bulgarian industry. 

Rotoprint's mission is to provide Bulgarian companies with the most modern processes and technologies possible, shaped into services with high added value, so that their products can compete even to the most famous global brands.


In our vision, Rotoprint is an integrated part of its customers' supply chain, regardless of their location, scale, or industry.

We strive not only to be your trusted partner, but also to implement, create and integrate solutions and systems that make your business easier and more profitable.

We know that you need great looking materials, labels, and packaging for your products, but also great service so that they are always in the right place at the right time so that you can compete with even the most established competitors in your branch.

Our vision is to provide a world-class service to our clients who want to be leaders in Bulgaria, Europe, and the whole world.


We divide our main mission into specific goals that we set for ourselves and for our customers. We believe that a targeted approach to working with precise parameters is truly profitable and valuable for us and for the people and companies we work with.

Modern technologies in all stages of the process

Our goal is to constantly implement and develop the latest technological developments, machines and software that are applicable to our industry, which will give us new opportunities to offer additional services or optimizations to our customers. Our choice of technologies is not just to give us better cost or optimization, but also to give you new opportunities to develop and brand your products.

Unlimited possibilities for our products

Our goal is to have at our disposal such a number of materials, possibilities and effects that the only limit for your products is your imagination. We aim to constantly expand the product range, and the possible finishes so that we can offer practically unlimited options to express that you and your products are unique in the market and have no equivalent.

Complete services ecosystem to work seamlessly with

We aim to be one of the best printing companies, but that applies to everything connected with printing. The process of creating the ideal product is complex and requires many stages. We aim to offer constantly evolving services and capabilities for all steps of product creation - from its design, through the construction and testing to the printing of labels and packaging.

A modern company in line with good practices

In addition to having the best technology, we also aim to constantly optimize our production and administrative processes by implementing or standardizing using industry’s best practices. Rotoprint is ISO 9001:2013 and ISO 27000:2015 certified.

It would be our pleasure to work with your business to help you achieve your goals by providing you with the best we can.

  • Office

    1505 Sofia, Bulgaria,
    Vasil Drumev 36

  • Printing House

    2129 Ravno Pole,
    Industrial district
    Тел.: +359 2 973 24 19; +359 2 973 24 48; +359 725 68777
    Факс.: +359 2 973 24 16; +359 725 68768
    Е-mail: sales@rotoprintbg.com;

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