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Printing for alcoholic beverages

Labels for spirits tell the story of their production, show the method of production, the region for which they are typical and many other characteristics of the drink. When creating labels for spirits, designers and manufacturers think about their feel and style and the history of the brand. In some cases, labels with bright colors and eye-catching effects are appropriate. Others are focused on a minimalistic style, often combined with high-quality and even luxury materials. 

The design extends far beyond the choice of colors. The shape of the bottle, the transparency level, whether the outline of the label complements them - this and many other aspects are important for the final appearance of the label. In addition, the very texture of the label gives consumers the first feeling of touching the product.

More about labels for alcoholic beverages
Designers and print professionals face the challenge of combining the two most important functions of labels. On the one hand, these are the mandatory and optional product data that must be present in a visible place for the information to be easily readable and accessible to consumers. On the other hand, the design of the label is an artistic task. It brings the feeling of the product, "translates" the taste and quality of the drink through color combinations, shapes and symbols, taking into account the requirements for correct communication of products from the alcoholic industry. It is necessary to consider the available printing technologies and the types of paper - print media. Several questions about the strength of self-adhesive labels are on the agenda for spirits producers.

They must withstand various external influences, special influences during storage and transport, and at the same time to be in perfect condition when presented on the shelf. The labels are located on the bottles all the way from production through delivery, storage, selling and consumption. They may be exposed to changes in temperature and humidity, but it is important to keep the information on the label intact at least until the bottle is opened. You can contact Rotoprint to learn how to keep the labels tightly adhered and beautiful all the time, and the colors vivid through the whole shelf life and until the consumption. Rotoprint will help you to choose the right solutions.

Whisky labels

The bottling and labeling of whiskey is characterized by a strong attention to the forms and their harmonious combination, designed to emphasize the different qualities of the drink, considering its proper audience. Mastery in the design and manufacture of labels can be expressed through the elegant shape of the label, luxury paper and an effective combination with the often unusual shape of the bottle. Increasingly widely practiced artisanal whiskey production may also require unique labels in short runs. If you want to see the rich possibilities for making labels with various shapes, materials and in different circulations, we at Rotoprint will be happy to discuss them with you.

Vodka labels

The design of the labels that vodka producers prefer for their product can have many different effects, such as emphasizing the purity of the drink. For example, the combination of the transparency of the bottles, the drink itself and the label is one of the standard effects that allow to accent certain elements on the label. 

There are many opportunities for an impressive look with the help of labels that represent the flavors of the drink. Among them are the options for placing important data on its production, quality, and reasonable consumption. The precision of the small details and the careful approach to the effects complement the overall impression of the label.

Rakia labels

The rakia drink (brandy, distilled from grapes or other fruits) is widely spread in Bulgaria and other Balkan countries. It’s most often associated with the fruits used, but also with the history of the various regions to which specific types of rakia are associated. Symbols and images related regions of production are often reproduced on the labels. In addition, the correct target audience must be considered.

Rakia labels often rely on rich ornamentation and attractive visual effects associated with the characteristic color of the drink’s variety. Specific printing technologies are needed to enable the implementation of complex designs. If you want to get acquainted with the options for making brandy labels with a wide range of effects and papers, and in different quantities, Rotoprint will present you with a wide range of options.

Labels for organic alcoholic beverages

Driven by a desire to protect the environment and offer the highest quality products, some distilleries are producing organic alcoholic beverages. This requires clear tracking of the raw materials and processes. 

Organic alcohol labels use carefully selected colors, clear text, and catchy design to tell the story of the product. Information about the origin, the method of production, even the values ​​of the producer company are important for connoisseurs who prefer drinks such as organic gin, organic vodka, as well as the more typical for the Balkans organic rakia and other spirits. Recyclable labels, as well as labels made of modern biodegradable materials, are another opportunity to increase the sustainability of the product.

More type of alcoholic beverages we can produce:
  • Mastic labels
  • Ouzo labels
  • Mint labels
  • Cognac labels
  • Rum labels
  • Tequila labels
  • Grappa labels
  • Gin labels
  • Liqueurs labels
Technologies and options
  • Labels in different quantities - Rotoprint has a highly optimized printing process that allows us to print labels for single pieces through short and ultra short runs. We also have a technology park with conventional printing machines that allow us to print labels in medium and long runs without limitation of the application or finishing effects.

  • Labels with different finishing effects - Rotoprint can print labels in one or several colors. We can add multiple finishing effects in different combinations and sequences. Printing effects are used for a variety of purposes and can make a significant contribution to the final appearance of your products.

  • Great variety of label printing materials - Rotoprint has a wide variety of label printing materials and works with some of the most established suppliers of specialized materials.

  • High-tech label printing - Rotoprint has a variety of printing technologies, which makes our production extremely flexible. Depending on the design and application, we can offer you the best printing options, so that we can use the selected technology to the best of its capabilities.

Labels for various applications

Labels have many different applications and can be used at different stages of production for providing relevant information. Depending on the requirements, the labels must combine several characteristics: the design must meet all the needs of both the product and the customer; the information must comply with the legal and regulatory requirements; the materials should be selected according to the purpose and conditions.

Labels for glass bottles

Glass bottles used in the alcohol industry are extremely diverse in shape, created not only for the functional purpose of storage and transportation, but also emphasize the color and clarity of the drink. Therefore, the surface of the glass can be smooth or frosted to achieve the desired effect of the package. 

Proper adhesion of the label to the surface of the bottle requires suitable adhesives, including temperature-resistant ones, to keep the label tightly adhered to the glass, even when stored at low temperatures, different humidity levels and during the transportation of bottled beverages. The specialists in Rotoprint can present you the possibilities for making labels in small and large quantities, various shapes, color schemes, media types, physical characteristics.

Transport and logistics labels

The storage and transport of products in the alcohol industry is done very carefully and its main concern is preserving the integrity of the bottles. Labels intended for cartons need to be particularly durable, as they are exposed to impacts during transport and often during storage. 

At the same time, it is important to choose the right ink and glue to avoid erasing or peeling off the cardboard or other material, which may lead to information loss about the content of the boxes with alcoholic beverages. Contact Rotoprint to discuss the most effective materials for t different types of labels for transport and logistics.

Labels for plastic bottles

Plastic bottles for alcoholic beverages are small with a capacity of up to 0.5 liters, which determines some features of their labels. As with other surfaces, the adhesion of the label to the plastic surface must be secure and strong and consider how smooth the surface of the bottle is. 

Small and decorative alcohol bottles need labels that match the size and shape of the container. Although the bottles are small, their labels must provide the necessary information about the product, such as the brand name, nominal volume, alcohol content and many others. In Rotoprint you will find a wide variety of printing technologies capable of producing labels for alcoholic beverages in plastic containers with volume of up to 0.5 liters.

More label applications for your product
  • Labels for glass
  • Labels for plastic
  • Transport and logistics labels
  • Informational labels

Labels for your products

Rotoprint offers a wide variety of materials and types of labels for your product. Depending on the requirements, application and audience of your product, the label for it can be made from plain paper with basic look, to a luxury label on high-end material with many effects and a variety of colors. Rotoprint has a lot of experience in working with companies from various industries that have different processes of creating and ordering labels, used for a variety of products with different requirements.

Labels applicable to alcoholic beverages
  • Paper labels
  • Foil labels
  • Structured and luxury paper labels
  • Metallized foil labels


When you contact Rotoprint, you are talking to real people who will do everything possible to make you feel confident in your choice and to provide you with the quality and speed you need. We have experienced specialists and innovative technologies at each stage of the label creation process to provide you with the necessary information.

At the same time, all our processes are seamlessly connected and consistent. Our part is only to provide the specifications and parameters of your label. We will create it according to them and guide you through the approval process online. Then we will produce your labels and deliver them at your door.

Rotoprint offers flexibility and can take orders for labels of each stage of their production. For example, if you are working with a designer, you can contact us to prepare the files and print and finish your labels.

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