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Printing on material for Tubes

The tubes for different products are an interesting choice of packaging because they combine several factors. On the one hand, the tubes must be suitable for each specific application. Simultaneously, they must be visually appealing and to allow the printing of complex designs to make the product stand out on the shelfs among the sea of competing products. At the same time, the material must be able to provide the barrier properties necessary for the requirements of each product.

Printing onto Tubes and choosing the right material can be a challenge for companies looking to launch a new product. Rotoprint has experience, a variety of materials and technological solutions to meet the requirements of the specific application.

Plastic barrier laminate tubes (PBL) are made of several layers of polymer foil and can be two-layer or multi-layer, depending on the need for barrier properties and printing capabilities. This type of tubes can be transparent and are suitable for storing products that need a barrier against oxidation.

Plastic barrier two-layer laminate (PBL)

The two-layer tubes are mostly aimed at creating a visual effect for the user and not so much at achieving barrier properties. In most cases, the bottom layer is printed and laminated with a second layer, which has a built-in effect, such as pearl or metallic effect, to achieve a unique appearance of the final product.

Plastic barrier multilayer laminate (PBL)

The multilayer film layer number can be configured according to product’s specifications and requirements. This applies to the material of each individual layer too. Depending on the selected materials and the number of layers, these types of tubes may have specific barrier properties. They are also suitable for content that must be protected from external factors. They can stop the migration of certain components of the product into the environment.

Aluminum Barrier Laminate (ABL) Tubes

Aluminum Barrier Laminate (ABL) Tubes consist of one layer aluminum foil, coextruded with one or more layers of polymer foil. Unlike plastic barrier laminate tubes, ABLs are more resistant to temperature variations, as well as to more aggressive contents. However, aluminum extrusion methods suggest small variations in layer thickness.

Aluminum barrier laminate tubes are suitable for products that require a barrier against volatile materials. They also provide limiting of the oxidation of the content.

All types of laminate tubes that we can print
  • PBL tube foil
  • ABL tube foil
Tube foil printing without length limit

Foil printing for small and test product series

Rotoprint's digital technology is extremely suitable for printing a small amount of high-quality laminate film for tubes. The print is very durable, with vivid and bright colors and very high accuracy when printing small items. Whether you have a product in small batches or want to create a test run, Rotoprint is your trusted partner.

Foil printing for long runs 

When producing big quantities of products packaged in tubes, it is very important that all of your products, regardless of when they are packaged, have the best possible appearance and color consistency. Rotoprint uses systems based on all the leading printing technologies and a quality control system, which can meet the requirements of companies of different scale and industries.

Printing on Tubes for various applications

Laminate foil tubes are commonly used due to their properties and ease of use.

  • The laminate film has very good barrier properties and can retain the properties of the product for a long period under different conditions.

  • The tubes are extremely easy to use by consumers due to their shape, the easy ability to use the entire product with almost no residue and the ability to reliably reseal the product after the first opening.

Applications can be very diverse, and in recent years, products that have only been packaged in tubes in the past are once again choosing this type of packaging.

  • According to the barrier properties required by the product - depending on the extent to which the migration of the content must be limited

  • According to the need to preserve the shape - for some products the permanent deformation of the tube is acceptable, while others require the tube to regain its shape after each use

  • According to the recycling requirements - laminate film is generally not easy to recycle, but some materials are more suitable for recycling than others.

Branding of Tubes for your industry

Some industries are historical consumers of tubes made from different materials for their products, but in recent years more and more industries and products are turning to this type of packaging solution because of consumer convenience and the trend to return to old and established methods.

Each industry and product impose various requirements for the materials from which the tubes are made:

  • market trends in the creation of new products and their appearance

  • product’s positioning amongst the competition

  • the supply chain and its complexity from production to the consumer

  • requirements for each product and specific ones for some industries

Rotoprint has experience in printing foil for tubes for various industries and products. Whether you want to produce a small single batch of products or to use tubes for products that are sold in several markets, Rotoprint is your reliable partner.

  • Cosmetic industry
  • Industrial products
  • Naturopathy
  • Personal hygiene
  • Veterinary medicine

All you need in one place

Rotoprint works with many companies from all over the world and we know how complex and demanding the process of creating a product is, from visualizing the idea for producing the final packaging and the realization of the marketing.

We can offer you a wide range of services for all stages of creating your tubes. We use some of the leading software solutions, which combined with the experience of our team can save you a lot of time and money, while meeting the needs of your marketing and production departments to provide you with the best possible result.


Professional consultation for your label’s printing and packaging with our highly qualified team of specialists.


Professional design of single labels or whole series of products by experienced designers who understand the requirements of the industry.


Professional prepress preparation of your files by experienced specialists using specialized software tools.


Professional printing of your labels and printing on packaging such as tubes and sachets with a high level of quality control.


Delivery to each point of the world so you can get your labels and packaging safely and on time.

Technologies for printing on Tube's material

The availability of various printing technologies allows us to offer you great flexibility and a variety of solutions, according to the needs of your company and the requirements of your products.

The various printing machines, printing technologies and finishing possibilities, allow the designers the freedom to create unique tubes that stand out on the shelfs among the competition.

Why choose Rotoprint for the printing of your tubes?
Quality control of each step
  • Closed production cycle
  • Quality certifications
  • Extensive quality control systems
Short delivery time
  • Online ordering
  • Flexible, well optimized production process
  • Complete services for all your applications
Experienced team you can count on
  • Personal attitude
  • Industry knowledge
  • Many years of experience
  • Integration and understanding of your company's needs
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