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Rotoprint uses best-in-class systems and software to fully manage the process and ensure the high-quality of the final product.

With our systems we can meet the needs of all our customers.

Online file review and approval system

We have an online portal that is accessible from anywhere in the world and from any device, through which you can review your files before printing. The system is intuitive and allows you to approve your order, return comments and request corrections - all from the comfort of your phone or computer.

The system saves a considerable amount of time compared with the traditional process of communicating via phone and email.  It allows us to ensure the fulfillment of all your requirements, regardless of how complex they are and for which industry your project is intended.

The portal is integrated with our ERP system and allows us to monitor your feedback in real time and ensure the quick response and high-quality production of your products.

Color management and control system

Printing, in its essence, is the art of applying ink to a chosen material to achieve a final result that the customer has only seen on a computer or color proof until now. The color control process is very complex and requires a significant amount of knowledge in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and other sciences.

Striving to always be on top of the technology curve, Rotoprint has the latest generation of software and systems for color profiling, accurate ink mixing, color control and print testing.

All of this is backed up with a proprietary proofing system that lets you see how your order would look long before it hits the press. Our own laboratory for testing, measuring and mixing inks gives us the security to approach every order with confidence, including those requiring special colors and inks.

Complete prepress workflow

The preparation of files and the adaptation of design files to the technological requirements of the print provider is one of the most key processes. We can guarantee the best look of your products, but also the exact color match with your company and brand colors. 

Workflow allows us to enforce overall production standards and automate a number of processes and handling of your files that would otherwise be time-consuming and at a higher risk of human error. The standardization of the production process allows us to print your jobs with predictable and consistent quality, as well as to quickly and easily implement new technologies and equipment to offer our customers.

Production management system

At the heart of our production is a specialized ERP system that not only reflects the standard administrative processes of resource management, but also contains and defines a standard approach to the production processes.

Centralization and standardization are at the heart of automation and delivering a clear and predictable result. It is a mantra that we constantly strive for - unification and integration of more and more processes into a central system.

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