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Printing for personal hygiene products

The basic method of production of one of the oldest personal hygiene products has not undergone major changes from the very beginning of its use until today. Of course, this is the humble soap - thanks to its simple formula and valuable qualities, human civilization has a tool that facilitates the maintenance of cleanliness for millennia.

This indispensable product exists with a huge variety of flavors, complementary properties and ingredients and is an essential part of our daily lives. The same applies to several of its derivatives and similar products - for example, liquid soaps, shampoos in solid and liquid form, disinfectants, and wet towels, which have different options for packaging and storage.

For the final market appearance of a hygiene product, it is important that it is properly designed according to the requirements and demands of customers. The goal is to make it easy for them to find exactly what they want among other products. Let the labels and packaging tell the story of your products! We are happy to assist you in creating your labels and printing on various materials for tubes and sachets. We rely on first-class equipment and consumables, a team with excellent qualifications in their field and the capability of long and short runs.

More about personal hygiene products branding

Along with the conditions of our environment, good personal hygiene is one of the most important conditions for our good health. Over the centuries of human history, some significant civilizational upsurges, and improvements in the quality of life have been associated with the improvement of public and personal hygiene. 

Even today, good hygiene habits are crucial for both the individual and society. Therefore, it is no coincidence that there are numerous manufacturers of products used to maintain personal hygiene. And the variety of the products themselves is colossal.

What does this mean for customers? They have many options for choosing products for personal hygiene purposes - both everyday basic products and luxury boutique products, some of which look like works of art. That is why manufacturers are looking for the right customer base for which to produce and visually present their products so that they can be quickly and easily identified among other products on the shelf.

For the packaging and labels of these products, of course, there are different requirements such as the presence of information on the composition and origin, the required markings, containing the data in appropriate languages etc. Along with them, the design and choice of materials can present a lot of information in the form of symbols, color combinations and a feel of the texture of the material and its class.

Labels for soup

Is there a more basic personal hygiene product than soap? The variety of species is enormous: from natural and glycerin through antibacterial and even tar soaps. Next to them are the different shapes and volumes in which the products come. Medium-sized and large packages of soaps can be distributed in packages such as cardboard boxes or packages of several pieces with a common label, which after purchase consumers often store for a long time in cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom.

Let's not forget the small hotel soaps, whose labels often not only give information about the product, but also have the additional function of keeping the package closed. Liquid soap labels also provide a wide range of design options, including a variety of papers and foils, inks and finishing effects.

Shampoo labels

Shampoos are another major cosmetic product. They are no longer just a hair wash - shampoos come in all shapes and sizes of packaging, and consumers are often aware in great detail what properties, origin and brand of the product they are looking for. And while for some people shampoo is just a basic means of maintaining personal hygiene, for others it is a means of pleasant body care and a moment of relaxing experience.

With the huge variety of shampoos with their flavors, texture, even colors, it may seem difficult to distinguish the product from the rest on the shelf. But just as different brands and series of shampoos have a huge variety of qualities, the same goes for the creative design and effective execution of labels, tubes, and sachets.

Labels for hand sanitizers

Gels and sprays for hygienic hand disinfection are widely used in everyday life, and their labels are subject to serious requirements for the information provided. It may include pictograms, symbols, textual information about the alcohol content of the product, its other ingredients, origin, manufacturer, and others.

Cleansing gels and hand sprays are becoming more and more popular, and their packaging must make them noticeable on the shelfs. Attractive labels for personal care cleaning products are no longer a rarity, as the design colors and elements correspond with the aroma and properties of the product. It is also important that the label's materials comply with the characteristics of the product such as its consistency, transparency, packaging, design.

Labels for organic personal hygiene products

Everyone uses personal hygiene products. So serious efforts should be made to introduce environmental practices in the production, distribution, and composition of products. It is also related to the attitudes of customers, for whom it is becoming increasingly important to know both the origin and composition of personal care products and the way of their disposal.

The range of organic and bio personal care products such as shampoos, soaps, cotton and reusable products (instead of disposable), for example made of bamboo instead of plastic, is constantly expanding. For the labels of these products, there are more and more technological possibilities that allow them to be biodegradable or compostable, to be recyclable to varying degrees together with the packaging, and to allow modern printing techniques.

More labels and packaging for personal care products we can print
  • Labels for soaps
  • Labels for shampoos
  • Labels for disinfectants
  • Dispenser labels
  • Printing on material for Sachets for wet wipes
  • Printing on material for Sample sachets
  • Printing on material for Soap sachets
  • Printing on material for Sachets for hotel cosmetics
  • Printing on material for Toothpaste tubes
  • Printing on material for Tubes for disinfectants
Technologies and options
  • Labels in different quantities - Rotoprint has a highly optimized printing process that allows us to print labels for single pieces through short and ultra short runs. We also have a technology park with conventional printing machines that allow us to print labels in medium and long runs without limitation of the application or finishing effects.

  • Labels with different finishing effects - Rotoprint can print labels in one or several colors. We can add multiple finishing effects in different combinations and sequences. Printing effects are used for a variety of purposes and can make a significant contribution to the final appearance of your products.

  • Great variety of label printing materials - Rotoprint has a wide variety of label printing materials and works with some of the most established suppliers of specialized materials.

  • High-tech label printing - Rotoprint has a variety of printing technologies, which makes our production extremely flexible. Depending on the design and application, we can offer you the best printing options, so that we can use the selected technology to the best of its capabilities.

  • Portfolio of laminate tube printing technologies (ABL, PBL) - A variety of printing technologies with high quality colors and finishing effects, as well as the ability to print on different sizes of material ensures high level of flexibility.

  • Printing on different types of foil for sachets production - you can choose what material to use for the packaging of your product. In Rotoprint you will find high quality options for flexography and digital printing on a wide range of sizes, including very small sachets.

Product Branding for various applications

Labels have many different applications and can be used at different stages of production for providing relevant information. Depending on the requirements, the labels must combine several characteristics: the design must meet all the needs of both the product and the customer; the information must comply with the legal and regulatory requirements; the materials should be selected according to the purpose and conditions.

Labels for plastic

In the industry producing personal care products, labels can provide the necessary information about the properties of the products, their composition, origin, recycling capability of the packaging, type of its material, etc. Therefore, the quality adhesion of the labels on the surface of the product packaging is one of the important factors affecting the quality of the product itself. 

Plastic packaging such as bottles, jars, boxes with different capacities are often combined with labels made of paper and foil with different characteristics, which should be both informative and functional, and serve as a brand introduction of a kind. The shapes of packaging and containers can vary greatly, including with artistic solutions or with large packaging such as soap dispensers.

Labels for paper and cardboard

Increasingly, we find packaging for personal care products, made in part or even entirely from paper of different thicknesses and characteristics. These can be boxes for single pieces of the product, such as solid soaps, as well as boxes for storing and transporting a larger number of products.

Along with them, the growing desire to produce environmentally friendly packaging with raw materials from renewable sources, as well as the production of attractive hand soaps are often associated with paper as a material. Its surface is beneficial for adhering labels from various media - both film and paper. Labels affixed to a paper surface can successfully serve their functional and informational purposes. At the same time, they provide an opportunity for artistic design that will attract the right customers for your product.

Printing for material for Paste tubes

In the field of personal hygiene, one of the most popular products is toothpaste, although other products are used and distributed in this form. We are used to seeing them in tubes of different sizes, such as laminate tubes with aluminum (ABL) or polymer (PBL) barrier layers. In Rotoprint we can work with a laminate chosen by the client, on which we print the created design.

The printing on laminate for ABL and PBL tubes, which you can count on in Rotoprint, has a very high level of durability, vivid and bright colors. The precise execution of even the smallest details allows for complex design performances for the product to receive attention among the competition on the shelf.

Printing for material for Sachets for wet wipes

A common form of personal care products are disinfectant wet wipes or cleaning wet wipes, divided into sachets in single pieces to preserve their qualities. Such wet towels can be stored in sachets of two-layer or three-layer laminate, and in Rotoprint we have opportunities for high-quality printing on both types.

When choosing a material for sachets, the shape and properties of the product are of paramount importance, because the purpose of the packaging and its barrier properties is to perform proper storage. The type of material, in turn, determines the printing possibilities, and therefore the final appearance of the sachet for cleaning and disinfecting wet wipes.

More label applications for your product
  • Dispenser labels
  • Labels for plastic bottles
  • Foil packaging labels
  • Printing on material for Sachets for wet towels
  • Printing on material for Toothpaste tubes

Labels production, Sachets and Tubes branding for your product

In Rotoprint you can find a wide variety of materials and types of labels that we can produce for your product. Depending on the requirements, application and audience of your product, its label may be printed on plain paper, or on luxury material with many effects and a variety of colors. Rotoprint has a lot of experience in working with companies from different industries that have various processes of creating and ordering labels, as well as many products with individual requirements. 

Labels and packaging applicable to the personal hygiene industry
  • Paper labels
  • Foil labels
  • Multilayer labels
  • Metallized foil labels
  • In-mold labels
  • Thermal transfer labels
  • White labels
  • Printing on material for Aluminum laminate tubes (ABL)
  • Printing on material for Plastic laminate tubes (PBL)
  • Printing on material for Sachet foil


When you contact Rotoprint, you are talking to real people who will do everything possible to make you feel confident in your choice and to provide you with the quality and speed you need. We have experienced specialists and innovative technologies at each stage of the label creation process to provide you with the necessary information.

At the same time, all our processes are seamlessly connected and consistent. Our part is only to provide the specifications and parameters of your label. We will create it according to them and guide you through the approval process online. Then we will produce your labels and deliver them at your door.

Rotoprint offers flexibility and can take orders for labels of each stage of their production. For example, if you are working with a designer, you can contact us to prepare the files and print and finish your labels.

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