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Printing on material for Sachets

Sachets are a common solution for packaging of products in single doses and that should be convenient to carry by consumers in their daily lives. Sachets are so popular that different shapes and sizes have different names depending on their application and functionality.

Choosing the right printing material is crucial according to the barrier properties required for your products, whether in liquid, gel or powder form.

Printing onto sachets can be produced on various types of materials and combinations of materials according to the need for each product to preserve its characteristics and protect it from the environment. 

Double-layer lamination

The double-layer sachets are the optimal solution for products that are packaged in a single dose for the convenience of the user, rather than because they require special conditions of storage or use. The two-layer material is light and thin and can be processed relatively easily.

Triple-layer lamination

The triple-layer laminate for sachets is a complex material that can be configured as a combination of different materials depending on the need for storage and usage of the product, as well as its characteristics. It is suitable for liquid, powdered products and even tablets, which must be protected from the environment or for which the loss of odor or moisture must be limited.

Sachet foil without length limit

Sachet foil printing for small and test batches

Rotoprint's printing technologies allow us to print quickly and efficiently a small amount of material to make test run or short batches for your products.

Long runs for your production needs

If your production needs medium and large volume of sachet material, Rotoprint can meet your demands for constant and timely printing and delivery of quality sachet material.

Branding of Sachets for your industry

Sachets are widely used in various industries because of their convenience and the ability to create convenient single-use doses of the product. 

The consideration when selecting the material and printing technology for your sachets are the type of product to be packaged, and the barrier properties that the packaging must meet.

  • Cosmetic industry
  • Naturopathy
  • Personal hygiene
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Veterinary medicine

All you need in one place

Rotoprint has a complete and comprehensive workflow. We are offering to our customers specific services or complete realization of the products they need. Whether you are a start-up or an established manufacturer with offices and production in several locations, our systems and related services can facilitate your production and delivery of quality sachet material.

Our services are based on our extensive experience in various applications and industries. We rely on modern technologies to deliver our services and integrate them easily and seamlessly into your process of ordering and delivering the materials needed for your production.


Professional consultation for your label’s printing and packaging with our highly qualified team of specialists.


Professional design of single labels or whole series of products by experienced designers who understand the requirements of the industry.


Professional prepress preparation of your files by experienced specialists using specialized software tools.


Professional printing of your labels and printing on packaging such as tubes and sachets with a high level of quality control.


Delivery to each point of the world so you can get your labels and packaging safely and on time.

Technologies for printing on Sachet's material

Sachet materials are diverse and can be printed with different technologies. To a large extent, the choice of technology takes into account the material chosen for the specific application, but it must also consider customer’s preferences and the designer’s vision for the product's appearance.

Rotoprint has different printing technologies so we can provide flexibility and different printing options for your sachet material.

Why choose Rotoprint for the printing of your sachets?
Quality control of each step
  • Closed production cycle
  • Quality certifications
  • Extensive quality control systems
Short delivery time
  • Online ordering
  • Flexible, well optimized production process
  • Complete services for all your applications
Experienced team you can count on
  • Personal attitude
  • Industry knowledge
  • Many years of experience
  • Integration and understanding of your company's needs
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