Print provider who provides much more than print

Rotoprint is one of the leading print providers on the Bulgarian market. The main parameter by which we compare this position is the amount of added value that we can provide for our customers with our services.

The company is known in many industries and serves customers with different products and scale - from start-ups to large, international companies with offices and production in several countries.

Rotoprint can provide solutions for various types of products regardless of their complexity or requirements for compliance with specific parameters.

Years of professional experience


Rotoprint was founded in 2001 with the main mission to return to Bulgaria the printing of self-adhesive labels of Bulgarian companies. At that time their labels were printed mainly abroad due to better technological capabilities and higher quality.

Therefore, since its inception, the company  has been aiming at having the best in technology and processes, available on the European and global markets. This way we can provide our customers with services with a high level of added value.


Rotoprint is a professionally managed company which aims for stable growth mainly through the constant increasing of the added value for its customers. The company is family owned, has a deep understanding of the business principles and has created a long term development vision.

Rotoprint relies on a highly professional team, which has already created few successful companies based on high-tech printing technologies and systems for resource and color management. This hybrid knowledge allows us to offer unique solutions for your needs. This includes not only printing but also optimization of the complete supply chain.

Business model

We are not a regular printing house but a part of your supply chain with all its complexity and specifics. We understand that very well and we are taking care to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, and technology to achieve seamless integration.

Our business model has not changed since the inception of the company. We are using the newest technologies to maximum extent  along with our extensive experience to create high added value for our customers as well as to provide casual and easy communication.


Rotoprint's team is made up of specialists and experts in every field of our business activity. Our unique knowledge allows us to implement our technological expertise for media, printing and finishing in your workflow and supply chain. This means that we are a reliable and valuable partner who can deliver high added value to your business.

Your industry and your products have unique requirements and that’s why we are offering a unique approach for your projects – from the research until you receive the production on your doorstep.

We strive to constantly expand the scope of the knowledge and capabilities of our team, which we then aim to implement in our services so that they will add value to your labels and packaging.


Rotoprint is a print service provider who owns a large selection of printing and finishing systems based on different technologies. We realize that your business needs and deserves much more. That’s why our machines and software are selected in a way that provides you with optimal solutions. They are integrated in a single production environment that connects seamlessly into your process, so you can receive your labels and packaging materials exactly when and where you need them.

Our customers as the basis of our success

For Rotoprint you and your products are especially important. We realize that you have specific needs and requirements, which must be taken into account so the end product can deliver the best value in the most effective way. Because of this we are dedicating a lot of effort in understanding and studying your projects to offer you the best possible solutions.

Your industry

Your success is based on the appearance and representation of your product. You must make sure that it will be the customers preferred choice. So every label sachet or tube for your product must create the right feel and impression. The tactile and visual sensations are crucial for the product and are industry specific.

Your industry and your product have their unique characteristics so we offer a highly individual approach to your project – from the research until you have the production at your doorstep.

Our capabilities

In Rotoprint we have experience, knowledge, and deliberate workflow, combined with technological capabilities so we can accomplish your project to the last detail. We can create your product branding in many different shapes with vivid colors. We can add special effects that make the look and feel even better.

For us your project is special and for each order we are selecting the right materials and technologies combined in a reliable workflow. This way you can be confident in the great look and feel of your product.

Why choose Rotoprint?
  • We have an individual approach to each of your projects.
  • We have a comprehensive reliable workflow that delivers high production speed and quality.
  • We can take care of the complete production of your label, sachet or tube – from the idea and the design to printing and delivery.
  • We have many different samples and options for creating your product’s labels and packaging so you can select on the spot in our office.
  • We have printing and finishing systems that can create highly customized, personalized and complex projects for labels, sachets and tubes.
  • We are keeping a detailed archive of your orders so you can always reorder each product. We also can change any parameter and element for the new run.
  • We have an incredible team of professionals who are looking forward to finding out more about your project and how they can turn your vision into reality!
  • Office

    1505 Sofia, Bulgaria,
    Vasil Drumev 36

  • Printing House

    2129 Ravno Pole,
    Industrial district
    Тел.: +359 2 973 24 19; +359 2 973 24 48; +359 725 68777
    Факс.: +359 2 973 24 16; +359 725 68768

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