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Label printing

The label is one of the most important elements for the appearance of each product. It is one of the crucial factors for the customer’s buying decision. The well designed and executed label can attract attention, set your product apart for the competition and win over customers.

Label printing is a complicated process that involves many stages and procedures to reach the anticipated result. On the one hand, the labels should correspond as much as possible to the idea of the designer who created them. On the other hand, the labels must meet the requirements for use and storage of the product, such as special conditions, temperature variations, requirements for adhesive strength and many other technological factors. The successful label must combine all these requirements and offer the customer a sense of product integrity.

Rotoprint has extensive experience working with companies from different industries that have different processes for creating and ordering labels, as well as a variety of products with various requirements. The print provider relies on modern production solutions and offers different technologies for printing, finishing, and special effects for your labels. Rotoprint works with the most established suppliers of papers, foils and inks so we can produce labels with different specifications.

We are proud to see your products with labels we have printed on the shelfs of Bulgarian and international chains and shops.

Paper labels

The paper labels offer a vast variety of media types and finishing effects options. You can choose between different finishes of the paper as matte semi-matte, semi-glossy or glossy. There is also paper stock with different colors and characteristics. The paper labels are extremely popular for products that do not require special conditions for storage and usage.

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Film labels

The film labels are made from different types of synthetic materials. They are often the go-to technology for usage in non-standard or special conditions like high humidity, high or low temperatures, etc. The film labels are widely used in hi-end consumer goods labels and cosmetics, as well as in industrial applications.

Multi-layer labels

The multi-layer labels (or booklet labels) are highly useful when you need to accommodate lots of information on small area. The multi-layer labels consist of two or more layers that can be peeled off and stuck multiple times one on top of another. That makes them perfect for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Thermal transfer labels

The thermal transfer labels have special coating that allows imprint with a printer with thermal transfer ribbon. The ribbon can be with different colors and the label has a special finish to ensure optimal adhesion of the print. The labels can be pre-printed with high quality imagery and then the needed variable information can be added by thermal transfer printing based on the supply chain requirements.

Direct thermal labels

The direct thermal labels are coated with a special heat sensitive coating that darkens when heated above given temperature. They are used with direct thermal printers. Usually, they have pre-printed high quality image and the variable data such as batch number, weight, etc. is added via thermal direct technology. 

In-mold labels

The In-Mold labels or IML are often the preferred solution for products that need to be labeled during the molding of the main package so that the print is resistant to post-processing during filling and packaging.
A special material is used, which is built into the packaging during its formation and becomes an integral part of it.

White labels

The white labels are mostly used for blanks for personalization for the purposes of packaging and logistics. They come in different shapes and sizes. The quantities and rolls can be optimized for different applications – by hand or with automated systems.

All kinds of labels we can print
  • Paper labels
  • Labels on structured and luxury papers
  • Film labels
  • Multi-layer labels
  • Metalized film labels
  • Thermal transfer labels
  • Thermal direct labels
  • Labels with scratch off elements
  • In-mold labels
  • White labels
Labels in different quantities

Printing in single items and short runs

Rotoprint has digital technology and highly optimized printing process that allow printing of single labels, short runs and ultra-short. If you need small quantities of labels for test or niche product we can offer you the best solution for your needs.

High volume label printing

We have production systems based on all major conventional printing technologies which allow us to print medium to long runs without application or finishing effects restrictions. We can meet your demands for constant and timely delivery of printed labels for your production line.

Labels for different applications

The labels have various applications and can be used on many production stages. Based on their purpose they need to combine several characteristics:

  • Their design must be tailored according to the application, requirements and user profiles, so as to achieve maximum immediate and long-term effect of product positioning

  • The information must comply with the regulatory and legal requirements for the respective application

  • The materials must be selected according to the specific application, especially if it involves exposure to severe conditions of the labels

Applications can be diverse, and a product may need several labels in the process of creating, selling, and reaching the customer. Label applications can be divided according to:

  • The material of the base on which to stick - the material on which the label is stuck may require the use of special adhesives or other label characteristics to ensure strong and lasting adhesion

  • The labels’ function – this is the main application for which this product is chosen. Whether you want to communicate consumer information or label your luxury products, Rotoprint offers you a wide range of solutions.

  • The environment in which the product will be stored and used - the environment may be unfavorable for some types of labels and in these cases it is important to choose the right materials and manufacturing technology.

Labels with different finishing effects

Rotoprint can print labels with one or many colors. We are also capable of adding various finishing effects in different combinations and sequences.

Printing effects are used for a variety of purposes and can make a significant contribution to the final look of your products. The combination of standard and non-standard effects can also be used to help protect your products against counterfeiting.

Thanks to the unique visual and tactile effects, you can give your product a unique look and to distinguish it on the shelf. Using tactile effects, you can create specific characteristics on the label of your product.

Rotoprint can offer its customers the printing of labels with versioning, variable information, and personalization.


Huge diversity of materials for your labes

Rotoprint has a wide variety of label printing materials and works with some of the most established suppliers of specialized materials, such as Avery Denison, Raflatac and others. You can choose from many types of paper, foils, and specialized materials, with different look and effects, to achieve the best for your products. Also, the characteristics of the materials allow us to offer solutions for different conditions of use and storage of your products. With them, labels will be able to retain their appearance and usability throughout their life.


Label printing with every technology

Different printing technologies have different advantages. Therefore, the choice often depends on the application of the labels and the products’ environment. 

Rotoprint uses various printing technologies, which gives us great flexibility. Depending on the design and application, we can offer you the most optimal printing options, so that we can use the maximum capabilities of the selected technology. We can print the same design with different technologies, depending on the quantity you choose for each order.


Label printing for your industry

The labels have diverse applications in different industries from communication of technical information to labeling some of the high-end products on the market. Each industry combines few parameters which creates the final appearance of the labels:

  • Trends in design and products’ appearance

  • Design vision and product placement

  • Supply chain, storage, and sales

  • Regulations for materials, glues, and customer information

  • Objective requirements for storage and usage of the product, sometimes in an environment that is unfavorable

In all cases, the label must comply with several characteristics and requirements, while maintaining its main goal, which is set by the creators of the product and the designers who created the project.

Rotoprint specializes in the production of labels of varying complexity and characteristics for all the different needs of your company. Whether you produce for the mass market or products with very specific applications, we have the experience and expertise to meet your needs.

  • Food industry
  • Soft drinks
  • Low- and medium-alcoholic beverages industry
  • Wine industry
  • Alcoholic beverages industry
  • Fermented beverages industry
  • Nutritional supplements industry
  • Naturopathy industry
  • Personal hygiene industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Veterinary and zoo products
  • Household chemicals
  • Automotive industry
  • Textile industry
  • Other industries

All you need in one place

Rotoprint offers its customers all the services they need to get the best labels possible. Whether you are a startup company and you need a complete service, if you want to launch a new product and you need resources for your marketing and planning department or you are a large company with many products that need a printing supplier to become part of your process – Rotoprint offers all this in one place.

The basis of our services is our extensive experience and close cooperation with our suppliers about their products and application specifics. Our team can assist you not only with the printing of your labels, but also at a much earlier stage in creating a product idea, choosing the right media, and printing technology based on the design and marketing planning.


Professional consultation about your labels’ printing of your labels and packaging with our highly qualified team of specialists.


Professional design of single labels or labels for whole product series from experienced designers who understand the industries’ requirements.

Desktop publishing

Professional prepress preparation of your files by experienced specialists using specialized software tools.


Professional printing of your labels and printing on packaging such as tubes and sachets with high level of quality control.


Delivery to anywhere in the world to get your labels and packaging made safely and on time.

Label printing technologies

No matter what labels you want to print, they must be in line with the technology of the print provider, which always imposes restrictions on the design that you can see on the screen. 

That is why Rotoprint has one of the largest and most diverse printing systems fleets, configured in different technological sequences, so that we can offer almost unlimited possibilities. Different technologies allow us to be effective in printing all kinds of labels, but also to be able to offer support for the most unusual effects and materials.

Why choose us?
Quality control of each step
  • Closed production cycle
  • Quality certifications
  • Extensive quality control systems
Short delivery time
  • Online ordering
  • Flexible, well optimized production process
  • Complete services for all your applications
Experienced team you can count on
  • Personal attitude
  • Industry knowledge
  • Many years of experience
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