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Rotoprint produces a great variety of printing products for customers in various industries using different technologies. We can produce products with the proper materials for almost any application in any industry, no matter how non-standard or demanding the task is.

The combination of technology and experience makes us trustworthy and reliable partners for start-ups that need help for creating their products and for big multinational companies for which the complete service and business processes integration is mandatory.

Rotoprint is constantly expanding its capabilities by adding new products to its portfolio, or new features to the existing products.

That allows us to offer to our customers solutions that are always unique, cost effective and competitive on any market.

  • Great choice of technologies and materials
  • Competitive price offer based on your demands
  • Competent consulting about materials and technologies
  • Long and short runs, different printing technologies and effects
  • Many years of experience with various industries

Self-adhesive roll labels

The self-adhesive labels, intended for different industries are one of the leading products of Rotoprint. Our printing house owns an extensive range of printing and finishing systems. With their help we can offer production of standard labels in short runs as well as printing of very complicated projects used for high-end products.

Rotoprint has the experience, expertise and the needed certification to be a reliable partner for startups with their first product as well as to multinational companies with very complicated manufacturing requirements for their labels.

Our printing house can offer a great variety of printing media and finishes and effects for creating high quality self-adhesive roll labels for each product type.

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  • Great variety of printing media
  • Finishing effects suitable for every design
  • From very short to long print runs
  • Constant quality control of every printing and finishing process
  • Complete end-to-end service
  • Standard and special adhesives for different applications
  • Different types of silicone, based on your manufacturing requirements

Packaging tubes

The packaging tubes are widely used for products like toothpaste, various pastes for industrial use and other products in semi-liquid or pasty state. We can offer a unique solution for your tubes combined with unparalleled printing technology which will create vivid, bright and accurate colors and elements. This way your product design will stand out from the competition. 

Rotoprint has the capabilities to offer different printing technologies on tube stock for long as well as for ultra-short print runs.

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  • Different lamination options for various applications
  • Cost effective short print runs
  • Stable, vivid and bright colors


The sachet is an extremely popular type of packaging for powdered products, liquid soaked products or single doses and portions.

Rotoprint offers printing on various kinds of media suitable for sachet manufacturing with different technologies and effects. Our technological diversity allows us to offer competitive prices for small as well as large quantities.

Our company can offer printing of different types of double layer or multiple layer foils, as well as printing on media, provided by the customer.

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  • Different printing media based on the product packaging demands
  • High quality printing without limitations

More than 20 years partnership with leading industrial companies

Rotoprint is part of the supply chains of leading companies and manufacturing processes in different sectors. Their products are intended for Bulgaria, Europe and the world.

Our company has specific expertise for the requirements of a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes. This allows us to be a reliable supplier of high-quality custom-tailored solutions for your production process. We are capable of fast adapting for your specific requirements and offering of optimization and improvement, based on the latest technologies which we always strive to implement.

The best for your industry

Every industry and every product have their own specifics and requirements for the related printing materials. Rotoprint works with the Bulgarian industry for more than twenty years and we have highly specific experience and technological abilities to satisfy your requirements for different applications.

We support an extensive range of printing media, inks, glues and solutions for complete managing of your jobs so we can guarantee your production process and logistics.

All you need in one place

We are aware that product development is a long and complicated process, and our wish is for it to look superb when it reaches the customer. That’s why our company has developed a significant portfolio of services for each stage of the process from creating the design to printing, finishing, and branding of the product.

We are a reliable partner for each stage in the process of creating the package and/or the label. Whether you are a company that is currently creating its first product, or you represent a multinational company that needs complex logistics and traceability throughout the life cycle of its products - we are your trusted partner!


Professional consultation and advice for the printing of your labels and packaging with our highly qualified specialist team.


Professional design of single labels or product series by experienced designers, aware of the industry’s requirements.

Desktop publishing

Professional processing of your files by experienced DTP specialists with state-of-the-art software solutions.


Professional printing of your labels and packaging like tubes and sachets with precise quality control.


Logistic to each point in the world so you will get your labels and packaging delivered safely and on time.

Technology for any application

The technology, printing presses and the complete workflow is in the heart of each printing house. Rotoprint has one of the biggest and most diverse machine parks in Bulgaria. Our presses configuration allows high quality printing combined with different special effects and security features for your printing products. 

We are constantly investing in new equipment, software and materials. This way we can offer the latest global innovations so you can create top of the line competitive products for the European market and the package designers can work without limitations.

Why choose us?
Quality control of each step
  • Closed production cycle
  • Quality certifications
  • Extensive quality control systems
Short delivery time
  • Online ordering
  • Flexible, well optimized production process
  • Complete services for all your applications
Experienced team you can count on
  • Personal attitude
  • Industry knowledge
  • Many years of experience
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