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Printing for cosmetic products

Labels and packaging such as tubes and sachets in cosmetics are often the first thing that catches our eye. The colors, shapes, embossing and finishing effects are details that hint the consumers about the perfume aroma, what skin type the face cream is for, how the shaving cream feels to the touch, whether the ingredients are natural and sustainable, whether they are medical, or for general purpose. 

The label of a cosmetic product must not only contain information about it, but also express the feeling that the customer will experience when using it. Moreover - the label is a way for the manufacturer to talk to consumers - in words, but also in colors, symbols, shapes, which in combination "speak" not to everyone, but to those people who require such cosmetic care. In addition, the label provides the necessary data on the composition of the product, which helps the customers to build their own assessment of whether this is the right product for them.

More about labels, sachets, and tubes for cosmetics

Cosmetics are first and foremost body care that helps us feel better in our skin and look better. But people are different and need different care. From mass-produced, middle-class and luxury lines, the label "tells" what is inside the packaging and what the effect of this cosmetic product is. With the right labels and packaging, professional and medical cosmetics can be easily recognized by people looking for specialized care.

The path of a cosmetic product goes through different conditions - they are often exposed to intense sunlight, moisture, high temperatures and others, especially during their use.

It is therefore important that labels and packaging such as tubes and sachets can offer protection from the conditions that the product is likely to pass through to be durable and retain their attractive appearance and functional characteristics.

Cosmetics is one of the areas in which customers are following the trends for sustainable development. More and more manufacturers are seeking to create sustainable products and offer them with labels that can be recycled, biodegraded and in one way or another incorporated into sustainable economy practices. 

Rotoprint has rich technological capabilities that allow the production of visually and functionally complex labels, as well as labels with different environmental characteristics.

Makeup and functional cosmetics labels

Decorative cosmetics exist to serve the aesthetics, so lavish labels and bright colors can be often used to attract the attention of customers. However, this formula is not universal, especially with the ever-increasing demands of consumers on the composition, origin, and sustainable production of cosmetics. Clearly presented product data combined with an impressive design in line with market demand and carefully selected materials are the basic requirements for successful labels for decorative cosmetics.

Along with decorative, functional cosmetics are also an integral part of daily care for appearance and health. Whether it is a mass, professional or other type of functional cosmetics, its qualities are of paramount importance for the customer’s choice. Therefore, a good label, and often packaging in the form of tubes or sachets, clearly presents the necessary information. This facilitates their assessment for the most suitable product. We at Rotoprint will help you achieve the best appearance by making high quality labels and impressive printing on packaging specifically designed for the presentation of your product.

Printing on material for Sachets for cosmetic samples

Many cosmetic manufacturers choose to offer their customers product samples. This way customers can test if they are satisfied with the products, whether it meets their needs and preferences, compare, and choose between two or more products. For many types of cosmetics, sachets are one of the best ways to pack samples. They provide a compact package size for small quantities of cosmetics.

In addition, many companies prefer sachets for packaging when conducting promotional campaigns for their cosmetic products to reach a wide range of potential customers. In Rotoprint we perform high quality printing on different types of foil for sachets, and our customers can choose the most suitable material according to the specifics of their products.

Printing on material for Tubes for creams

Toothpaste is one of the most popular cosmetic products. It is usually associated with the tube as a classic packaging. In different sizes, including small, and with the rich capabilities of digital and flexographic printing, this type of packaging can present a lot of options for interesting packaging.

Aluminum laminate (ABL) and plastic laminate (PBL) tubes, which are widely used in cosmetics. They allow for many interesting designs to distinguish the product from others on the shelf. The combination of vivid colors, modern technologies for flexographic and digital printing and finishing effects turns cosmetics packaged in tubes into a beautiful and eye-catching product.

Labels for Organic cosmetics

We apply cosmetic products to our skin, inhale their aromas, with them we augment the features of our faces. With so much direct contact, it is normal for customers to look for the highest quality products possible, which may mean organic origin and composition or environmental characteristics of both the product itself and its packaging and labels.

Labels for organic cosmetics can have different characteristics according to the available production technologies and the wishes of the manufacturer to achieve a certain level of sustainability. There are a variety of options for printing on different materials to send the customers the most accurate message using both text information and visual representation of the product.

More labels for Cosmetic products that we can print:
  • Perfume labels
  • Labels for essential oils
  • Balm / conditioner labels
  • Labels for hair masks, face masks, peeling products
  • Labels for tonic, micellar water
  • Makeup labels
  • Labels for lip balms
  • Labels for cosmetics for hands and feet
  • Labels for creams and serums
  • Sachets for cosmetic masks
  • Sachets for testers and samples
  • Tubes for creams
  • Lotion tubes
Technologies and options
  • Labels in different quantities - Rotoprint has a highly optimized printing process that allows us to print labels for single pieces through short and ultra short runs. We also have a technology park with conventional printing machines that allow us to print labels in medium and long runs without limitation of the application or finishing effects.

  • Labels with different finishing effects - Rotoprint can print labels in one or several colors. We can add multiple finishing effects in different combinations and sequences. Printing effects are used for a variety of purposes and can make a significant contribution to the final appearance of your products.

  • Great variety of label printing materials - Rotoprint has a wide variety of label printing materials and works with some of the most established suppliers of specialized materials.

  • High-tech label printing - Rotoprint has a variety of printing technologies, which makes our production extremely flexible. Depending on the design and application, we can offer you the best printing options, so that we can use the selected technology to the best of its capabilities.

  • Portfolio of laminate tube printing technologies (ABL, PBL) - A variety of printing technologies with high quality colors and finishing effects, as well as the ability to print on different sizes of material ensures high level of flexibility.

  • Printing on different types of foil for sachets production - you can choose what material to use for the packaging of your product. In Rotoprint you will find high quality options for flexography and digital printing on a wide range of sizes, including very small sachets.

Product Branding for various applications

Labels and packaging in the form of sachets and tubes can be used in many ways and have different applications. According to the requirements of the products and customers they are intended for, labels and packaging combine several characteristics. These are their design; the information included in accordance with the legal and normative requirements; carefully selected materials with the expected storage and application conditions in mind. 

Labels for glass

Whether it is medical or decorative cosmetics, glass packaging such as bottles, jars, etc. bring refined feeling. Labels for these products can perfectly complement this with their shape and eye-catching finishing effects. The feeling of touching the label creates an additional impression, for example, of whether the product is exclusive or for the mass market. 

In addition to striving for a beautiful appearance, the label must have the properties needed to maintain its integrity, to remain firmly adhered and readable under different storage and usage conditions - moisture, temperature variations, sunlight exposure. Rotoprint offers a wide variety of materials and printing effects, so that your product has an impressive label which can also be better for the environment.

Labels for plastic

Cosmetics often come packed in different sizes and shapes of plastic containers. Boxes, bottles, and other vessels may require a wide variety of labels to suit the shape, size and storage, distribution and use requirements such as resistance to water exposure and other factors, and resistance to various influences.

Different effects can be used to augment the plastic surface. For example, embossed emblems, varnish, additional colors, gold, silver, and other metal foils can contribute to the appearance of the label. Good adhesion is crucial as well as resistance to exposure to certain levels  of temperature, humidity and sunlight.

Printing on material for Tubes for creams and pastes

Tubes for creamy cosmetics have different characteristics but their main function is to insulate from external influences such as moisture, vapors, and light. The tubes help preserving the freshness and aroma of the cosmetic product and prevent it from spilling. 

Plastic and aluminum laminate tubes may have different compositions according to the requirements of the product. Their barrier properties, the number of layers and their thickness are important for the level of protection product and the ability to return the shape of the package after pressure.

Printing on material for Sachets for creamy products

The sachet foil may consist of different layers depending on the storage conditions of the product. And while some substances do not require high barrier characteristics, creamy cosmetics require the integrity of the packaging to be preserved to prevent spillage.

A wide variety of printing effects and colors can be applied to sachet foils of different composition. This creates rich possibilities for the implementation of the design. Contact Rotoprint and we will present you with the options that can help make your product both beautiful and functional.

More label and packaging applications for your products
  • Cardboard box labels
  • Labels for boxes and containers
  • Printing on material for Cosmetic tubes
  • Printing on material for Tubes for creamy products
  • Printing on material for Sachets for creamy products
  • Labels for glass
  • Labels for plastic
  • Labels for transport and logistics
  • Information labels

Labels production, Sachets and Tubes branding for your product

In Rotoprint you can find a wide variety of materials and types of labels we can produce for your product. Depending on the requirements, application and audience, the label for it can be printed on plain paper with standard parameters, as well on luxury material with many effects and a variety of colors. Along with them, we can print with different technologies on sachet foil and tube laminate for many popular applications. Rotoprint has a lot of experience in working with companies from different industries that have different processes of creating and ordering labels, as well as a variety of products with different requirements.

Labels and packaging applicable to the cosmetics industry
  • Paper labels
  • Labels made of structured and luxury paper
  • Foil labels
  • Metallized foil labels
  • Multilayer labels
  • Thermal transfer labels
  • In-mold labels
  • Plastic laminate tubes
  • Aluminum laminate tubes
  • Sachet foil


When you contact Rotoprint, you are talking to real people who will do everything possible to make you feel confident in your choice and to provide you with the quality and speed you need. We have experienced specialists and innovative technologies at each stage of the label creation process to provide you with the necessary information.

At the same time, all our processes are seamlessly connected and consistent. Our part is only to provide the specifications and parameters of your label. We will create it according to them and guide you through the approval process online. Then we will produce your labels and deliver them at your door.

Rotoprint offers flexibility and can take orders for labels of each stage of their production. For example, if you are working with a designer, you can contact us to prepare the files and print and finish your labels.

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