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Printing for the automotive industry

If you own or drive a car on а regular basis it’s impossible not to notice the myriad labels for various purposes, indicating how to properly use the interior features, as well as labels with information and safety warnings for various components and parts. There are commercial labels that can be removed after the part’s purchase and/or installation. There are also many labels with instructions, important information and warnings on different parts, including under the hood, which must remain available and readable throughout the life of the vehicle. 

Each car has various areas or compartments that serve very different purposes and require different labeling. Many of these labels are used during the operation of the vehicle, in service maintenance or when choosing replacement parts. Therefore, the labels for them must meet very high requirements for strength, durability of inks, protection coating and quality of adhesion. 

More about labels, sachets and tubes for the automotive industry

Many of the labels typical of the car's interior serve as guidelines on how to use the various interior features. Inside the vehicle the labels are in constant visual contact with the driver and the passengers. The labels are exposed to various conditions - relatively high and relatively low temperatures, strong sunlight, mechanical impacts, etc. The labels for the parts under the hood must withstand various conditions such as very high temperatures and exposure to strong chemicals, oil, etc. Tire labels give important information about the characteristics of the tires to help with the purchasing decision.

Therefore, it is not surprising that for the labels in the automotive industry the materials are selected with extreme care, and the required quality for most of them is very high. Often the foil, the paper, the inks, and adhesive used must be selected so that they will remain fixed and readable for years to come.

The surface on which they must adhere also should be carefully considered. On the other hand, the image quality is paramount for commercial automotive labels. They provide extremely important information, used when selecting auto parts and contain diagrams, symbols and color designations, which must be reproduced flawlessly.

The materials in the automotive industry are often ordered on-demand to avoid storage and according to the lean manufacturing principle. This requires a strict production scheduling and planning for the execution of orders for labels, and compliance with the vehicle production process or the automotive part manufacturing. For us at Rotoprint, it is extremely important to get to know the business of our customers and to comply with the production deadlines of the various industries we work with.

Automotive interior labels

On the rearview mirror, on the hood of the glove compartment, on the door frame, the inside of the canopy, on the airbag - the vehicle body is full of instructions, parameters and warnings that are accessible to the eyes of passengers and the driver. They provide important - in some cases even vital - information on how to operate the car's interior elements. Although they can be ignored for a long time by the driver and passengers, they must be there and provide the necessary information just when they are needed - even long after the car has been put into operation.

Car interior labels provide textual information, internationally recognizable symbols and graphics, and their shape is often tailored to the shape of the passenger compartment on which they are affixed. They may be presented in a single-color or multi-color design, and the inks must be carefully selected for the warning and signaling purposes of the labels.

Labels for car tires and parts under the hood

Aggressive chemicals, high temperatures, exposure to various automotive lubricants, to moisture, unpredictable weather conditions. And with all this - the need for a very service life of the label and maintaining its good readability. There is a very long list of required conditions that must be met by the labels for the parts under the hood, such as engines and batteries. It is no coincidence that there are high requirements for their characteristics.

For vehicles, labels are needed not only during the operation of the car. The labeling of car tires is crucial. They indicate the type of tires with special designations, which through color graphics and text markings indicate characteristics such as wet grip, fuel economy rating, and noise level. With the right choice of label material and adhesives, suitable for uneven surfaces, the shifting of labels between individual tires for sale or storage is avoided, thus avoiding future problems in identifying tire properties.

Labels for car cosmetics and automotive chemistry

There is a huge variety of products that serve both for the functional maintenance of the car and for the care of its appearance. On one side are the various fluids and lubricants for the car such as engine oils, brake and transmission fluids, wiper fluids, antifreeze, fuel, and other additives. On the other side is the car cosmetics – products for interior cleaning and maintenance, paint care, products for lights, tires.

For the labels of auto cosmetics and car care products, manufacturers rely on building a distinctive look for each brand so that it is recognizable on the highly competitive market. This way they can start building a loyal customer base that returns to the same tried and tested brands. Along with the design, the quality presentation of the properties of the product itself is of great importance and helps for making informed consumer choice and creating positive association with the brand that meets the needs of his or her car.

Printing on material of Sachets for car cleaning wipes

Many of the automotive cleaning products are sold in large packages, which is necessary to have enough for treating large surfaces. For more detailed interior and exterior cleaning of individual parts of the interior and exterior, however, you can use wet wipes soaked in a suitable detergent – specialized solutions for car lights, dashboard, upholstery, windows and more.

A suitable way to distribute and store such cleaning materials is sachet packaging, in which either all towels are stored together or each one is in a separate package so that it can be used alone and unopened towels retain their properties for a long time. If your product is stored in a sachet package, we at Rotoprint can assist you with different types of printing with high quality inks to achieve the best look together!

Printing on material of Tubes for car wax and automotive care products

Many of the solutions used for cleaning, polishing, and filling scratches on the car are packaged in plastic laminate tubes (PBL) or aluminum laminate tubes (ABL). This type of packaging preserves the products for a long time, and protects them from degrading, caused by direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

Rotoprint offers high-quality printing on laminate for ABL and PBL tubes, which can make the package look exactly as you like. Using different printing technologies, it is possible to achieve both a simple and a more complex appearance of the tube for wax or other car care products. With professional prepress, quality long-lasting inks and precise printing for text representation, the package will present the product in the best possible way.

All types of car products labels and packaging
  • Labels for car interior
  • Labels for car tires
  • Labels for parts under the hood
  • Battery labels
  • Labels for engines
  • Labels for car cosmetics
  • Labels for car maintenance accessories
  • Upholstery labels
  • Label spray labels
  • Labels for cleaning shampoo
  • Labels for cleaning and polishing solutions
  • Labels for bumpers and tires products
  • Labels for automotive chemistry
  • Labels for motor oils
  • Brake fluid labels
  • Labels for wiper fluids
  • Antifreeze labels
  • Printing on material for Tubes for automotive pastes
  • Printing on material for Tubes for car wax
  • Printing on material for Tubes for grinding pastes
  • Printing on material for Tubers for polishing pastes
  • Printing on material for Tubes for car adhesives
  • Printing on material for Tubes for car sealants
  • Printing on material for Tubes for car additives
  • Printing on material for Sachets for cleaning towels
Technologies and options
  • Labels in different quantities - Rotoprint has a highly optimized printing process that allows us to print labels for single pieces through short and ultra short runs. We also have a technology park with conventional printing machines that allow us to print labels in medium and long runs without limitation of the application or finishing effects.

  • Labels with different finishing effects - Rotoprint can print labels in one or several colors. We can add multiple finishing effects in different combinations and sequences. Printing effects are used for a variety of purposes and can make a significant contribution to the final appearance of your products.

  • Great variety of label printing materials - Rotoprint has a wide variety of label printing materials and works with some of the most established suppliers of specialized materials.

  • High-tech label printing - Rotoprint has a variety of printing technologies, which makes our production extremely flexible. Depending on the design and application, we can offer you the best printing options, so that we can use the selected technology to the best of its capabilities.

  • Portfolio of laminate tube printing technologies (ABL, PBL) - A variety of printing technologies with high quality colors and finishing effects, as well as the ability to print on different sizes of material ensures high level of flexibility.

  • Printing on different types of foil for sachets production - you can choose what material to use for the packaging of your product. In Rotoprint you will find high quality options for flexography and digital printing on a wide range of sizes, including very small sachets.

Product Branding for various applications

Labels have a variety of applications and can be used at many stages of product production. Depending on the requirements, the labels must combine several characteristics: the design must meet all the demands of both the product and the customer; the information must follow the legal and regulatory requirements; the materials should be selected according to the usage conditions and the application.

Labels for plastics and powder coated surfaces

Long-term adhesion of labels on plastics with different surfaces and textures is often required for any type of vehicle. These materials are often unfavorable for the adhesion effectiveness.

The engine and other car components are characterized by the presence of a powder coating, on which the adhesion of labels is also challenging and requires specially selected adhesives.

Let's not forget the uneven or rounded surfaces, the irregular shape of which creates additional difficulty for long-term adhering of labels. In Rotoprint we will offer you the most suitable materials for the respective surfaces, so that the labels with the important information will remain in place for the required period.

Labels for metal surfaces

There are many places under the hood of the car that need to be designated wit warning labels or with important information. Such are, for example, the labels on the underside of the hood, which give information about the engine and emissions, as well as some of the labels that stand on the metal surfaces of car parts.

External influences such as big temperature fluctuations, vapors, oils, brake fluid, antifreeze and others make the life of these labels even more difficult. However, critical information and warning labels must remain legible throughout the life of the vehicle, which requires the correct inks, adhesives, and materials for the label.

Labels for rubber

To stick a label on a car tire is not an easy task. On the one hand, it is not smooth, but has irregularities, which requires high-quality adhesive and a level of flexibility from the label. On the other hand, the chemical composition of the tire itself can affect the label attached to it and reduce the adhesion. It is also important that no traces of adhesive material remain when removing the label.

Therefore, for the surface of car tires, it is important to make the right choice of the adhesives, materials for the individual layers of the label and the inks.

More label and packaging applications for your product
  • Labels for rubber surfaces
  • Labels for metal surfaces
  • Labels for glass surfaces
  • Labels for plastic surfaces
  • Foil packaging labels
  • Labels for powder coated surfaces
  • Wet towel sachets
  • Tubes for pasty products
  • Tubes for creamy products

Labels production, Sachets and Tubes branding for your product

Rotoprint offers a wide variety of materials and types of labels for your product. Depending on the requirements, application and audience of your product, the label for it can be made from plain paper with basic look, to a luxury label on high-end material with many effects and a variety of colors. Rotoprint has a lot of experience in working with companies from various industries that have different processes of creating and ordering labels, used for a variety of products with different requirements.

See labels and packaging applicable to the automotive industry
  • Paper labels
  • Foil labels
  • Metalized foil labels
  • Thermal transfer labels
  • In-Mold labels
  • White labels
  • Printing on sachet material
  • Printing on ABL and PBL tube material


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At the same time, all our processes are seamlessly connected and consistent. Our part is only to provide the specifications and parameters of your label. We will create it according to them and guide you through the approval process online. Then we will produce your labels and deliver them at your door.

Rotoprint offers flexibility and can take orders for labels of each stage of their production. For example, if you are working with a designer, you can contact us to prepare the files and print and finish your labels.

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