Our team has been one of the leading elements of the company's success over the years. We strive not only to create jobs, but also to allow our employees to work in a predictable and stable environment so that they can create their professional and personal path as part of the company.


The Rotoprint team is one of the strongest points with which the company wins its customers. In addition to being professionals in the printing industry, our team also develops specific knowledge of our client’s industries to provide the best solution for their needs.

In addition to employing some of the best and most established professionals in the industry, we are constantly developing our skills and knowledge by maintaining an active relationship with leading suppliers and developers of materials, equipment, software, standardization organizations and others.


Rotoprint is a family company with professional management that develops its management staff both as specialists in printing and in modern management techniques. We strive to constantly develop and implement modern business processes, management methods and internal optimizations that lead to stable and permanent development of the company and the products we offer.


Rotoprint is a family-owned and professionally managed company that is based on solid traditions and a vision of long-term realization as a family company. 

Family companies worldwide show stable growth, long-term development vision, resilience in different market conditions and loyalty to their team and their customers. This makes them reliable partners for all companies that want to efficiently sell their products and take a long-term position in their markets. 

Currently, two generations of the family work in the company and Rotoprint continues to plan its development as a company based on values ​​and a long-term vision, in such a way that every owner and employee can proudly put their name under the Rotoprint name with sense of fulfillment.

  • Office

    1505 Sofia, Bulgaria,
    Vasil Drumev 36

  • Printing House

    2129 Ravno Pole,
    Industrial district
    Тел.: +359 2 973 24 19; +359 2 973 24 48; +359 725 68777
    Факс.: +359 2 973 24 16; +359 725 68768
    Е-mail: sales@rotoprintbg.com;

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