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Rotoprint uses all major types of printing technologies on the market, which enables us to offer an effective production of a wide variety of products. 

Each printing technology has advantages and is suitable for certain applications, materials, inks, and products. The ability to work with all technologies, to combine and arrange them in any way, gives us the opportunity to offer you the best solution for your needs under optimal conditions and deadlines. 

Whether you need a solution for small or large quantities, a standard application or one that requires special parameters, Rotoprint can be your partner throughout the process. Centralized management of the prepress and printing process and complete management of the color representation on the printing presses make our technologies mutually complementary and allow you to benefit from the full spectrum of their capabilities.

Offset printing

Offset printing is a widely used technology because of its high print quality and relatively cheap make-ready process, which makes it suitable for short and long runs of printed materials. The technology uses a combination of offset plates made of coated aluminum and an offset rubber canvas that transfers the image onto the material. The technology allows printing with a very high level of detail and accurate design representation, but it’s not possible to transfer large amounts of ink, which may be required, for example, when printing base layer or transparent or metalized media.

  • High print quality
  • Ability to print fine elements
  • Optimal price for preparation
  • For short and long runs

Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing offers the best balance between the make-ready cost, the ability to print on a variety of materials and the durability of the clichés.

This technology uses a flexible polymer printing plate that transfers the ink directly onto the printed material. Because of the way the print dot is formed, flexographic printing allows for a larger amount of ink to be transferred, but at the same time it maintains control over the shape of each individual element. This makes it suitable for printing on all kinds of materials, as well as for designs that require a solid background.

  • High ink transfer capability
  • Quality printing on various materials
  • Suitable for medium to very long runs

Digital printing

Digital printing has been known and widespread for a long time, but only in recent years has it been widely used in the industrial printing of labels and packaging. Digital printing is extremely suitable for printing ultra-short runs and allows possibilities such as numbering and personalization during printing. 

Despite its advantages, digital technologies are different - there are various printing technologies, different types of inks, different methods for fixing them on the media and other specifics. This makes some digital technologies suitable for some applications and not so much for others. Rotoprint has different solutions for your requirements so we can offer you the best solution according to the specifics of your product.

  • Suitable for ultra-short to long runs
  • Stable, vivid, and saturated colors
  • Possibility of personalization during printing

Embellishment technology

Rotoprint has a large range of modules, systems, and independent equipment for embellishing printed materials with various effects. Depending on the design, the effects can be combined to achieve a unique product that catches the attention on the shelfs.

Rotoprint can offer almost all types of finishing effects available on the market, some of which are very popular, and some are just entering and can only be found on the most luxurious products on the market.

  • Effects for your products to achieve a unique appearance

  • Specialized effects to protect your products under specific conditions

  • Effects that add the ability to experience the product with different senses, such as touch or smell

  • Enhancement to give additional functionality such as braille and others

Finishing technology

Regardless of how you prefer to receive your final products, we can offer complete finishing, distribution, and packaging of your production and delivery to various locations around the globe.

  • Trimming and formatting to size and according to requirements for the filling and packaging assembly lines

  • Compliance with specific requirements such as winding direction, maximum and minimum and other production parameters

  • Packing in intermediate and final packaging and cardboard boxes according to the logistical requirements of each order

Rotoprint's printing equipment

  • Extended color space printing

  • Ability to print opaque white ink

  • Very high printing speed

  • High resolutions for fine elements

  • Durable high-quality printing

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