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Printing for fermented drinks

The world knows a colorful palette of surprising flavors and craft techniques for obtaining fermented drinks. They are strongly associated with the region for which they are typical. Stories are told about them, they are associated with nostalgic memories, and curious and still living local cultures have formed around their consumption. Some of them have a very low alcohol content and some have a higher alcohol content, so it is important that their consumption is reasonable and that the labels are tailored to the right audience for them.

Label printing for beverages whose production includes a fermentation step must meet the requirements of this often specific and niche production. At Rotoprint, we have a wide range of printing technologies, materials for different classes of labels and possibilities for the implementation of unique colors.

More on fermented beverage labels

Popular fermented drinks around the world are boza, koumiss, kvass drink, and various fermented teas. The specific method of their preparation is also related to the fact that they must be stored in specific conditions for each type and must be consumed relatively quickly after their production. Their taste qualities can develop and change depending on the storage time after production, and their alcohol content can undergo changes in both directions.

The labels of fermented beverages such as kombucha, ayran, kvass often, but not always, express the traditions surrounding the consumption of the beverages or the region from which they originate. The type of paper used, colors, symbols and images are the elements that attract attention.

The short time between the preparation and consumption of the products implies the need for an easy and quick process of adhering to the labels, therefore their technical characteristics must be adapted to this requirement.

Thanks to the rich traditions around the products, the labels for fermented drinks allow for a design that connects them to a whole range of sensations and emotions. Some can be humorous, tied to the region of production or to the curious conversation-generating methods of production, to the varied nutritional properties, or to eye-catching effects, and in relation to their possible alcohol content, the design and layout must consider the target group.

Labels for boza

Boza is a typical drink in Bulgaria and has its proud place amongst exotic fermented drinks like kombucha. Boza is often associated with confectionery and often evokes sentimental memories of traditional methods of production and the times when it was carried around and offered by traders.

Boza is a drink loved by many people, with its typical so-called "spiciness" - its taste qualities change according to the fermentation processes, and the period of consumption is not only short, but also different according to the season and temperatures. It is important that the label corresponds to the specific method of production, and that the data on it is complete, clear, and legible for the user.

Kombucha labels

The kombucha drink is an extremely interesting phenomenon that is gaining more and more popularity. Although it is a relatively new trend, its history goes back to before the new era. Its name comes from the kombucha mushroom that is in its production. The preparation method itself is a curious topic of conversation, and some people are already making kombucha at home.

For kombucha drink label design, the possibilities are rich. However, it is important that they also meet the product data requirements, such that the design and the information on nutritional and alcohol content, expiration date and other data are combined harmoniously.

Labels for sourdough drinks

The word kvass (which means sourdough in the Slavic languages) is more often associated with the mixture used to make bread. However, there is also the sourdough drink, which is typically Slavic. It tastes like ciders and is perceived as a refreshing drink with a low alcohol percentage. Its labels usually tell through colors and images the history, the place of production, and typical features of the taste of the drink. Paper is often used as a material, but often manufacturers also choose film labels. Designers often use artistic fonts to achieve a product feel.

More fermented beverage labels we can print:
  • Labels for boza
  • Labels for kombucha
  • Labels for Kvass drink
  • Labels for Kefir
  • Labels for Fermented nut drinks
  • Labels for Fermented Teas
Technologies and options
  • Labels in different quantities - Rotoprint has a highly optimized printing process that allows us to print labels for single pieces through short and ultra short runs. We also have a technology park with conventional printing machines that allow us to print labels in medium and long runs without limitation of the application or finishing effects.

  • Labels with different finishing effects - Rotoprint can print labels in one or several colors. We can add multiple finishing effects in different combinations and sequences. Printing effects are used for a variety of purposes and can make a significant contribution to the final appearance of your products.

  • Great variety of label printing materials - Rotoprint has a wide variety of label printing materials and works with some of the most established suppliers of specialized materials.

  • High-tech label printing - Rotoprint has a variety of printing technologies, which makes our production extremely flexible. Depending on the design and application, we can offer you the best printing options, so that we can use the selected technology to the best of its capabilities.

Labels for various applications

Labels and sachets have a variety of applications and can be used in many stages of product production. Depending on the requirements, the labels must combine several characteristics: the design must meet all the needs of both the product and the customer; the information must follow the legal and regulatory requirements; the materials must be selected according to the usage and storage conditions and the application.

Labels for plastic

The most popular container in which fermented beverages are purchased are plastic bottles. They come in different sizes - for immediately after purchase or for a little later. Therefore, the form and design of the labels must be adapted for them.
The plastic surface is well suited for adhering labels. The key factor for adhesion is and it matters how smooth or uneven it is, whether the material bends or is stable under the label, and more. With the combination of suitable adhesives and inks for this material, and the wide selection of papers and foils, at Rotoprint you will enjoy original and eye-catching labels for your product.

Labels for bottles and glass containers

Fermented drinks like kombucha and kvass that come in glass bottles create a sense of attention to detail. A smooth glass surface can be more challenging for labels to stick firmly, so it's a good idea to choose materials based on your requirements.

On the other hand, the glass bottle could be part of a cycle of greener product distribution, where easier-to-peel label options could come into use. In addition, there is a combination of the smooth glass surface with opaque, transparent or decorated with effects labels. And this combination might just be what will help your product stand out.

Transport and logistics labels

Shipping and logistics labels are critically important all along the supply chain. Adhered to cardboard and other transportation packaging, they provide the necessary information for their safe and precise logistics. Therefore, functionality readability of the signs and text on the label is paramount.

These types of labels must be totally reliable. Strong adhesion to cardboard, various packaging materials and others is a must. At Rotoprint, we have experience in the production of labels for transport and logistics, which we will gladly apply to your labels.

More label applications for your product
  • Labels for plastic
  • Labels for glass bottles and containers
  • Transport and logistics labels
  • Informational labels

Labels for your products

Rotoprint offers a wide variety of materials and types of labels for your product. Depending on the requirements, application and audience of your product, the label for it can be made from plain paper with basic look, to a luxury label on high-end material with many effects and a variety of colors. Rotoprint has a lot of experience in working with companies from various industries that have different processes of creating and ordering labels, used for a variety of products with different requirements.

Labels applicable for fermented beverages industry
  • Paper labels
  • Structured and luxury paper labels
  • Film labels
  • Metalized film labels


When you contact Rotoprint, you are talking to real people who will do everything possible to make you feel confident in your choice and to provide you with the quality and speed you need. We have experienced specialists and innovative technologies at each stage of the label creation process to provide you with the necessary information.

At the same time, all our processes are seamlessly connected and consistent. Your part is only to provide the specifications and parameters of your label. We will create it according to them and guide you through the approval process online. Then we will produce your labels and deliver them at your door.

Rotoprint offers flexibility and can take orders for labels of each stage of their production. For example, if you are working with a designer, you can contact us to prepare the files and print and finish your labels.

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