L a b e l m a t e r i a l s

The various print materials we are using have different finishes which can bring the final look and feel of your label. The same design can look completely different if printed on glossy or matte printing media.

On the one hand, the print media can be used as an integral part of the design. Some materials have different finishes, can absorb ink differently and have their specific color. Designers can choose the right material for their look and embellish it with designs and effects to complete the final look of the product.

On the other hand, Rotoprint offers printing on special materials, developed for specific applications like storage at below zero temperatures, usage in humid environment, resistance to very high temperatures and contact with aggressive chemicals.


The inks differ not only in terms of color but also as formulation, curing method, and many other parameters. In some cases they can affect the resulting label’s characteristics. Some inks have improved sunlight resistance, others are designed for usage in very high or very low temperatures, etc. Choosing the right inks is an important part of creating your label.

Varnishes and laminates

The varnishes and laminates can be used in various ways including as base for printing and for its finish and protection. On the market there are thousands of options for varnishes and laminates from different suppliers. Choosing the right combination for each application is crucial.  

The varnishes and the laminates give the final characteristics of your product
  • Some varnishes can be used as a base for printing with the purpose to improve the adhesion of inks to certain types of materials
  • The huge selection of varnishes and laminates with structure, smell, gloss and others makes them very suitable for giving a unique feel, look, smell and touch to your labels
  • Special varnishes and laminates are used to protect your labels from mechanical, chemical and other harmful effects

Material coatings

The label coatings determine the appearance of the label and the function of the top visible material layer. The ink and the effects adhere to it. Often the designers carefully select the material coating and incorporate it in their designs.


The material coating is the character of your label
  • The appearance of the material, the way it reflects light and its texture
  • The way the material interacts with the color rendering of inks, and hence the customers' perception of colors
  • The feeling and appearance of the label and its connection with the product on which it is affixed

Base materials

The base material is the main carrier of the media characteristics and it determines many of the possible technologies, effects and applications. The base material is one of the first things to consider even before the starting of a label’s design, especially if it has specific requirements for storage or usage. The base material determines:


The base material determines the label’s characteristics
  • The main qualities of the labels, its flexibility and behavior
  • The environmental resistance and special applications
  • The customer's feel for the label and the product


The adhesive is important for how the label will stick to your product and how resistant it will be to various environmental effects. Some products require storage at very high temperatures, others at very low temperatures, others require the label to be firmly attached, but to fall off easily if wet, and many more. To meet all specific requirements, Rotoprint has materials with different adhesives that are designed specifically for a wide range of label applications.


The silicone is applied to the liner of the label and affects how easily the label will peel off during labeling. Silicone can be important for some labeling lines, which require labels to be easier or more difficult to separate from the liner depending on the labeling speed and the angle of application of the label to the package.


The liner is the bottom layer of your labels, which peels off and is discarded when you want to stick the label on. The liner is especially important when you use a special adhesive so that the label can be easily detached from the liner, or when you use an automatic labeling line so that the roll can be guided correctly by the system.

Great variety of combinations

Rotoprint works with many of the most established suppliers of label printing materials and consumables and can offer solutions for various applications. Each material has the right combination of characteristics, composition and not least availability and logistical limitations that must be considered when choosing a material for your label.

The best combinations for different application

Our team has been involved in creating multiple labels for different applications and has more than enough experience to be able to advise you on which material is best to use for different applications. It is often necessary to choose a special adhesive or non-standard silicone - parameters that we know and can direct your choice to the best options.

Wide selection of materials for different applications

Each application you need labels for has its own specifics and the selection of materials must consider both the final vision and the technical limitations. Specifics may be imposed by the way the labels are applied, the storage and use of the product and other aspects. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right combination of materials for each specific application.


Industry specific materials

Many industries have specific requirements for the materials they work with, imposed by regulations or the application of the products they produce. Rotoprint has both standard and specialized materials for specific applications.


Much more than advice

Whether you just need advice on choosing the right material or a comprehensive service for your labels, Rotoprint can be a reliable partner for your needs at all stages of creating your product.


Let us help you choose the right solution for your needs. Our team is always available and we are happy to discuss your next project and the specific requirements of its application.
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