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One cannot put the same label  on two different industries. This is not an ancient Chinese proverb, but we will make it a contemporary one. Each industry has its specifics and to create labels for it, one needs to understand it. Whatever the final product may be, the customers are often judging it by the information on the label and its look and feel.

That’s why we in Rotoprint are willing to know the connection between the industries and the products of our customers and their label or packaging creation. We have created our processes, technologies, and team in order for our customers from different sectors to receive their labels and packaging exactly when their specific processes are demanding them.

The label, tube and sachet printing for the different industries is a delicate combination of exactly the right components. These are the creative ideas, design and flexible technologies that can turn them into reality. The special ingredient is the team, which knows its job to the last detail and performs its task with confidence and pleasure.

Everyone with production expertise knows that it’s crucial for them to work in well planned stages, to keep all timelines and quality. This way the finished product can reach the market exactly when the customers demand it.

Here are some of the industries we are honored to work with

Food industry and soft drinks

The manufacturers of food and soft beverages work in highly regulated industries. In them the labels and packaging have an irreplaceable function - to keep and protect the needed information throughout the whole production and supply chains in a way that’s safe for the product.

The need for reliability doesn’t mean that the labels cannot look bold with a combination of vivid colors, beautiful printing effects and special papers.

Learn more on how both industries’ labels can determine the look and feel of your product.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products

The products in the food supplements, pharmacy, veterinary medicine industries come in very different forms. They can be tablets, powders, solutions, drops, creams, ointments, aerosols, and many others. That also applies to the cosmetics, personal hygiene, and naturopathy which also have different forms and their storage and distributions require specific labels and packaging. They need to be made from correctly selected materials, complying with the requirements for proper product storage.

It's impressive how in these industries the labels look vary from simple examples with a few colors and design elements to complex layout with amazing tactile and color effects.

Learn more about the impressive labels for these six industries, which Rotoprint can create using its flexible technology:

Alcoholic beverages

Industries dedicated to producing alcoholic beverages often combine modern technology with traditional techniques that have survived the test of time. The production of high-, low- and medium-alcoholic beverages, and in particular wine and fermented beverages, is perceived by many as an art, and this attitude is reflected in their labels.

The artful design, correct choices of colors, special printing effects and harmoniously complementary materials are often and effectively used in these industries.

Learn more about the alcoholic beverages industries and their characteristics labels:   

Industrial products

Depreciation over a long period of usage, water, heat, cold - these are some of the conditions under which many of the labels of industrial products must withstand, including the automotive industry. Textile products and household chemicals use labels with many different purposes. Some of them are instructions, prices, sizes, composition, proper storage and transportation.

With these kinds of labels often the most important aspect is the functionality and the requirements for specific products like rechargeable batteries, electronics, and many others. See more about the specifics required for producing high-quality labels for industrial products.

More industries we proudly work with

Rotoprint works with a lot of industries – companies working in different sectors and manufacturing different products. We are printing labels and packaging for products for direct consumption form the end customer as well as for corporate purposes. We are aware that each industry has its specifics as product life, condition on which its exposed, shelf position, package material and many others. They are also predetermined  by the manufacturing process and its stages, dependance on seasons, scale and other specifics, which also affect the labels and packaging printing.

It will be our pleasure to advise you on the best, fastest and highest quality way to create labels for your products based on our industry knowledge!

Rotoprint’s products

Self-adhesive labels

Rotoprint can produce a wide range of self-adhesive labels, you can use for your product. The print provider relies on state-of-the-aet printing and converting systems to offer different printing and finishing options for your labels. 

You can choose from different printing media for your labels like standard paper, structured and luxury paper, film, metalized film. You can also choose from multi-layered labels, thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels, labels with scratch-off elements, inmold labels and white labels.

  • Paper labels
  • Luxury and structured paper labels
  • Film labels
  • Metalized film labels
  • Multi-layer labels
  • Thermal transfer labels
  • Direct Thermal Labels
  • Inmold labels
  • White labels

Laminated tubes

The printing of tubes and the selection of the right material may be challenging for the companies aiming in launching new product. Rotoprint has the expertise and works with many different printing media and technologies to create just the right solution.

We offer different types of tubes printing with very good cost – for long as well as for short and ultrashort runs.

  • PBL tubes (Plastic Barrier Laminate) two layers
  • PBL tubes (Plastic Barrier Laminate) multiple layers
  • ABL tubes (Aluminum Barrier Laminate)


The sachets are common solutions for single use product packaging. They are convenient to carry in everyday life. Choosing the proper material for them is critically important, based on its barrier qualities, required by your products regardless of their physical state – liquid, gel, or powder.

Rotoprint prints on media for sachets in different shapes and complying with the requests for various products and applications.

  • Double layer lamination
  • Triple layer lamination

Everything you need in one place

When you contact Rotoprint you are communicating with real people who will do everything in their power to create a sense of security for your choice and to get the quality and speed your product needs. We have experienced specialists and state-of-the-art technology for each stage of the label creation. They will provide you with the necessary information.

Also, all processes are interconnected and consecutive, so it’s enough to send us the order description, and approve the design and you will receive the labels at your doorstep.

We are flexible and we take orders for labels at each stage of their production. This way for example if you have your design ready, we can make your files print-ready and produce your labels and packages.


Professional consultation for the printing of your labels and packages from our highly qualified expert team.


Professional design of labels for single products or product series from experienced designers who know the industries' requirements.


Professional prepress file preparation and processing from expert specialists using specialized software.


Professional printing of your labels, and packaging like sachets and tubes with a high level of quality control.


Logistics to any point of the world guarantees that you will receive your labels and packaging securely and on time.

Why choose us?
Quality control of each step
  • Closed production cycle
  • Quality certifications
  • Extensive quality control systems
Short delivery time
  • Online ordering
  • Flexible, well optimized production process
  • Complete services for all your applications
Experienced team you can count on
  • Personal attitude
  • Industry knowledge
  • Many years of experience
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