L a b e l t e c h n o l o g y

Rotoprint has different technologies for printing, embellishment and finishing of self-adhesive labels, which allows the company to produce labels for various applications.

Whether you need white labels or complex, multi-colored labels with many additional features and effects, Rotoprint has a solution for practically all design ideas and retirements.

Offset printing of labels

Rotoprint has several offset machines for label printing that allow high quality printing at optimal cost for short and long runs.

Offset printing is the preferred technology for printing paper labels because of its unsurpassed quality, but can also be used for some films and transparent materials. Also, the fast set up times makes offset printing very suitable for shorter or single series of labels.

Flexographic printing of labels

Rotoprint is amongst the companies, which have a large fleet of machines for flexographic label printing. We also have extensive experience in the applications of this type of printing technology.

Flexographic printing on labels is very widely used, especially when printing on foils and other materials that require greater ink transfer. It is often used in labels for cosmetics, alcohol, industrial labels and others.

Digital label printing

Digital label printing may be the best all-round solution. Suitable for ultra-short and short runs, digital printing is the first choice for making short and pilot series or sample labels for test groups.

With Rotoprint’s digital machines you can count on very high quality and unique finish, which is very popular in for example cosmetics. Rotoprint's digital technology also allows the printing of labels for industrial applications that require inks resistant to various environmental factors.

The digital printing technology is unique because of its customization capabilities, printing variable data and images and the like, which are used in games, raffles, promotions, limited edition printing, etc.

Variety of effects and materials

Equipment for effects based on different technologies

Rotoprint has a variety of equipment to add effects, embellish, personalize, and add unique finish to your labels. Many of the effects can be combined to create a unique label that will distinguish your product on the shelfs.

Learn more about the effects

We can apply different technologies to various materials

You liked the material for your labels, but it is best suited for flexographic printing, and your labels are for offset? Rotoprint has a lot of flexibility in choosing materials compatible technologies, which grants you freedom and flexibility.

Learn more about the materials

Online approval and comments

Thanks to our system, which is directly connected to our workflow, you have the opportunity to view all your orders from each browser online. You can comment, approve and request corrections.

The system has a very high security level, ensuring the protection of your files, while allowing you to give your feedback and requirements at any time of the day from anywhere in the world.

The system supports more than fifteen languages ​​and you can work with your partners and other parties to gather the necessary comments and approvals, which we can finally receive and manage quickly and easily - no emails, no phone calls, no complicated explanations.

Let us help you choose the right solution for your needs. Our team is always available and we are happy to discuss your next project and the specific requirements of its application.

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