Rotoprint was established in 2001 as a partnership between three of the visionaries of the Bulgarian market. The idea was founding a printing house with appropriate technology and capabilities, to bring back the printing of labels of Bulgarian companies in Bulgaria. Until then they were printed abroad due to lack of technological capabilities.


Founding of the company and purchase of the first printing press


The company becomes fully family owned


Rotoprint buys Bulgaria's first UV digital label machine


We are building on our success story

Our history is not just milestones recorded in the company's archives but represents a series of successful projects and products of our customers, which have been realized in Bulgaria, Europe, and the whole world. 

We build our history thanks to our customers, and it is our real pleasure to continue to help manufacturers from all over the world sell their products and reach their customers and destinations. Let us become a part of your story and together we lay cornerstones on the path of our common success.

  • Office

    1505 Sofia, Bulgaria,
    Vasil Drumev 36

  • Printing House

    2129 Ravno Pole,
    Industrial district
    Тел.: +359 2 973 24 19; +359 2 973 24 48; +359 725 68777
    Факс.: +359 2 973 24 16; +359 725 68768

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