Quality is something every company declares as an aim on their website and marketing products, but few companies make the quality part of their DNA. For Rotoprint, quality is not just a goal or another marketing promise, it is a daily goal and the basis of all our processes and investments.

Quality as a mission

Quality means more than how nice a material looks, how consistent the print is, how precise the color representation is. Quality is woven into everything - in how we process your orders, how we plan our investments, the overall service we offer and everything we do. 

The reason we have been successful for so many years and look forward with confidence is our mission to deliver quality solutions to our customers that help them succeed every day with their products.


Professional team

We are a team of professionals, and our goal is not only to deliver quality solutions to our customers, but to constantly develop our knowledge and abilities to exceed their expectations. Our team is made up of professionals who work daily on your orders and projects so that your products deserve a leading place on the shelfs.


State-of-the-art technologies working for our customers

At the core of any print provider or production are machines and systems that create products day after day with consistent and reliable quality. Rotoprint invests in modern state-of-the-art technologies that not only provide quality products. We are also constantly expanding our technological capabilities.


Comprehensive services for a quality result

Rotoprint can offer printing of labels and other types of packaging for your product or application, but also a whole range of services at all stages of their creation. We offer all the accompanying services such as soft and hard color proofs and leading and high-tech services such as 3D visualization, adaptation for different markets, adaptation of different packaging and quantities and much more.


Quality solutions for your products

Rotoprint offers labels and other specific packaging for products from a variety of industries that have different requirements for appearance, application, storage and usage conditions and other specifics. Our team and machine fleet allow us to be able to take on a variety of challenges and fulfill them with high quality and at optimal price.


  • Quality end-to-end service
  • A technology fleet that gives you freedom of choice
  • A professional team you can count on
  • Different services according to the stage of your project
  • Office

    1505 Sofia, Bulgaria,
    Vasil Drumev 36

  • Printing House

    2129 Ravno Pole,
    Industrial district
    Тел.: +359 2 973 24 19; +359 2 973 24 48; +359 725 68777
    Факс.: +359 2 973 24 16; +359 725 68768
    Е-mail: sales@rotoprintbg.com;

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